Lush The Mermaid Bath Bomb: Shop for a Cause

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lush The Mermaid Bath Bomb
What: Lush’s limited edition The Mermaid Bath Bomb

Who benefits: All proceeds are being donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to marine wildlife conservation.

Why you want it: This limited edition addition to Lush’s much-loved Bath Bomb collection was inspired by “The Mermaid Song” by Ysanne. The song is the first release from The Coldwater Project, a symphony-backed collection of songs each of which is paired with a non-profit organization and an exclusive brand for the purpose of supporting important issues. You can download an MP3 version of the song for free with every purchase of The Mermaid Bath Bomb, or purchase the song for $1.00 at

Beyond the warm fuzzy feelings you’ll get from supporting a great cause, and the general fun of scoring a free music download with your purchase, you’ll also be getting a fabulous new Lush Bath Bomb. This particular bomb shares the same scent as Lush’s best-selling Big Blue Bath Bomb, and features mineral-rich arame seaweed and sea salt. The ocean-derived ingredients melt into your bathwater and work to soften your skin. Plus, well, Bath Bombs are just a lot of fun.

As with many of Lush’s products, this Bath Bomb is completely vegan – it doesn’t contain any animal products of any kind. It’s a perfect little gift for your favorite vegan… or for yourself.

→ Buy the Lush The Mermaid Bath Bomb, $4.95, at