5 Pedicure Maintenance Must-Haves for Summer Feet

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

--By Kim Moshtaghi

As the years progress, I have discovered it has been harder to maintain my feet. The wear and tear caused by wearing high, pointy heels has finally caught up with my feet. On one awkward day, I looked down at my feet and thought, are those really my feet?

Although I invest a lot of money to make sure my feet look prim, my routine high-end pedicure with callus removal doesn’t produce sufficient results anymore. Now I have to invest my own time, aside from my regular biweekly pedicures, to keep my feet looking bare-able.

Most technicians recommend lathering intensive repair creams on your feet, and then wearing cotton socks on your feet while you sleep to ensure the cream penetrates and softens your skin. If you have calluses, then it’s wise to also use pumice daily on soaked feet to exfoliate rough spots before lathering on creams.

For an intensive repair cream, try Neutrogena or Burt’s Bees. Although I like both, they only work when you consistently apply them several times a week, which will soften your calluses or smooth out your feet and keep them looking youthful.

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme

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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Creme

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Now, I think it is important to soak your feet in warm water before you exfoliate them, but you may not always have that kind of time. Instead, try the PedEgg Pedicure Foot File in between soakings and major pampering. The foot file is self-contained so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after yourself.

PedEgg Pro Pedicure Foot File

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There are all types of pumice stones. I prefer ones with handles or on a stick because they are more user friendly than alternatives. However, there are many styles you can choose from. I recommend you use a pumice stone along with a foot scrub to intensify the results and help you get rid of unnecessary extra skin.

CoverGirl Ergo Pumice Stone

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Freeman Bare Foot Creamy Pumice Foot Scrub

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Keep your feet exfoliated and smelling fresh at all times. If necessary invest in some Foot Petals to soften the blow to your feet when in heels. Although heels are my must have when leaving my house, they seem less tempting when I can get away with flats. Just ask my feet…

Kim Moshtaghi
Kim Moshtaghi is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Born in Germany, Kim is currently based in sunny Del Mar, California, where she also serves as Stiletto Jungle's Director of Sales and Promotions. Kim has a communications degree, a third degree black belt, and a totally covetable Gucci handbag collection.