Fashion Takes Flight in These Fashion-Forward Aviators

Monday, June 24, 2013

--Guest Post By Abigail Bowlin

It's summer! Time to relax at the park, the beach, the pool, or in the hammock in your backyard. Whatever the case, you'll definitely want to accessorize your laid back look with a fiercely fabulous pair of sunglasses. And what better style to catch the attention of those around you than the large round lenses and unmistakable iconic look of a pair of pilot glasses.

But choosing the right pair of aviator sunglasses can feel like a daunting task. Do you go traditional? Or do you step up your game and aim for something a little more daring? Well, to give you some idea of what lies beyond the thin gold metal frames and their dark grey lenses, here's a few of the newest designer takes on one of the most classic looks in eye protection.

Ray Ban's are without a doubt the most well-known designer of Aviators. So, it's fitting that the first pair featured is a Ray Ban's original. Style RB4180 60188G boasts a pair of red LiteForce frames that are slightly thicker than the traditional thin metal lenses. The LiteForce technology is made of a thermoplastic polymer that creates an extremely durable, light, and strong frame despite its medium-weight thickness. The gorgeous curve of these frames would be enough to catch the eye of those hotties as you play beach volleyball, but in red, they are sure to make you a beach sensation.

Ray-Ban Red Aviator Sunglasses

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Interested in living on the glam side? Check out Prada's model PR 57LS. These gorgeous aviator-style glasses with gold-gradient lenses feature off-white temple arms emblazoned with the Prada name on a special gold and white insignia. But what makes these specs stand out from the rest are the lenses which extend from one side across the bridge to the other side. They exude luxury and style and will let everyone at the pool know that you are the fashionista who knows where it's at.

Prada PR 57LS Sunglasses

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If you're looking for something a bit more reasonably price but with just as much fashion bang, check out this pair of Marc by Marc Jacobs. Style MMJ 243/S features the traditional large round lenses, but the frames are a cross between Aviators and cat-eyes all wrapped around a Havana Striated plastic lens reminiscent of vintage tortoise shell. These gorgeous sunglasses would be the perfect complement to your billowing sundress as you walk along the Pacific Coast as the sun nears the horizon.

Marc by Marc Jacobs MMJ 243/S Sunglasses

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All three of these styles boast 100% UV protection because we all know it's important to safeguard our precious gift of sight. And whether you go with these or another pair du jour that you stumble upon in your quest, remember that sunglasses were originally created to protect our ability to look, not to enhance our looks. But, hey, if they complement our bright smile and get him to take a second look, that's all the better, right?

Abigail Bowlin is an aspiring fashion writer currently residing in Southern California. Her interests range the gambit from haute couture to simple fashion accessories. Most recently, she has combined talents with a few other fashion fanatics to create a website dedicated to the world of pilot glasses, a style that intrigues her because of its utilitarian birth and its longevity as a fashion staple. She plans to launch additional sites in the future emphasizing the link between pragmatic design and the haute couture runway.