Make Your Workout Colorful With These Running Shoes

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

--Guest Post By Ken Myers

Bring some color into your workout with these three awesomely bright running shoes. From neon purple, to turquoise and pink, to lime green and ocean blue these shoes are bound to bring a smile to your face and put a bounce in your step. Climb that hill, run those miles and get a workout in style!


I got a pair of these shoes for a birthday present. The bright orange-red color shocked me at first but I love bright colors so I thought I would give them a shot. I love these shoes!

They fit perfectly right off the bat and have held up very well. Despite their color they don’t get dirty easily and they are a great ice breaker when you meet strangers. I have had so many people comment that “at least you won’t be hit by a car” because the color reminds them of traffic cones. I just laugh and nod. The bright color gives me energy and these are a pair of shoes that never get lost in my closet!

Nike Lunarglide+ 5 Running Shoes

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My friend’s favorite color is purple. When we were out on a shopping trip and we spotted these bright purple running shoes she immediately fell in love with them. The color is even brighter than you can imagine but it has a warmth to it that keeps it from being obnoxious. She loves to look down and see her favorite color everywhere she goes.

We have both had Brooks shoes before and they hold up well and feel great. She needs a lot of cushion in her heels and this shoe is perfect for that. All in all it is a great, brightly colored running shoe.

Brooks PureFlow Running Shoes

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Last but not least is this brightly colored pair of Asics. I have not tried this brand myself but I have heard good things about it. Who can pass by a great color combo like neon pink and turquoise though? These bright shoes make me happy just looking at them. The next time I need new workout shoes I will be sure to order a pair!

Onitsuka Tiger by ASICS Serrano Sneaker

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Hopefully I have given you some color inspiration for your next pair of workout shoes. Remember that black and white are not your only options. Bring some pizzazz into your workout and have fun!

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