How to Look Like a Brooklyn Hipster

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

--Guest Post By Far Fetch

There’s nowhere in the world like New York. It’s a real cultural melting pot, and we’re not just talking about the range of races and religions that call the Big Apple home. New York mills with rich fashionistas who wouldn’t dream of leaving home without their super glamorous designer bags, Wall Street yuppies barking into telephones while rocking Armani suits, and of course the most stylish group of all: the Brooklyn hipsters.

Hanging around Williamsburg in their vintage jeans and ironic '80s band tees, professing that they liked such and such a band or author before they were “cool,” the Brooklyn hipsters are on the cutting edge of a trend that has taken the world by storm. Much to the chagrin of native New Yorkers, the hipster look is already associated with the Big Apple, and we just can’t get enough of it.

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The hipster look may seem easy to accomplish, but there’s more to it than raiding your grandparents’ wardrobe looking for vintage pieces.

Ladies: put away your high heels.

The Brooklyn hipster look is basically an evolution of nineties grunge. No hipster chick would wander around in a pair of stilettos; they’re far too cool for that. Colourful canvas sneakers, lace up brogues, and big boots are the footwear order. If you really must wear heels, choose a pair with a big chunky heel. Wear over ankle socks for extra fashion points.

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Gents: put away your razor.

It’s all about being laid back and casual, so don’t worry too much about facial grooming. Hobo beards are an accessory that male hipsters are proud of, in much the same way that a Manhattan lady would be proud of her designer bags and shoes. If you can’t bear the thought of looking like Mr Twit, then never fear: vintage facial fuzz is also acceptable; try a handlebar moustache.

Dress like a farmer

Flannel work shirts, faded denim, and big work boots are the lynchpins of this style. Remember: if it would look good when you’re sitting on tractor, it will look twice as awesome when you’re sitting outside a fair trade coffee shop sipping a $12 single origin espresso. The difference is that you will want to make sure your jeans are skinny, and that you don’t button up the flannel shirt. Wear it open, over an ironic tee.

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Speaking of Irony…

The best thing about the hipster style is ‘irony’. You can wear pieces that would normally be seen as terribly unfashionable, and somehow still look awesome. Just a few things that will score you hipster points are T-shirts boasting cartoon characters from the early nineties, trouser suspenders, v-neck jumper vests, and pork pie hats. Throw all of these components together to create a cacophony of unfashionable oddities so bizarre that there’s no way you could fail to look like a hipster.

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Sunglasses have always been, and always will be, cool. No matter what type of style you’re going for, you’re going to need a great pair of sunglasses. Although hipster style is about fighting against the norm, sunglasses are still an intrinsic part of the Brooklyn look. No self respecting hipster would be seen without their sunglasses; the difference is, irony plays a part here and a hipster is more likely to go for a hideously ugly pair of glasses than ones made by a top designer. Try thick black rims, love heart shaped lenses, and cat’s eye frames for an on-trend look.

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What are your tips for getting the New York look?

This guest post was provided by online designer fashion retailer Far Fetch.