How to Maintain Perfect Eyebrows

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

--Guest Post By Emma Watson

You spend lots of money and time in taking care of your skin and even more in doing your makeup perfectly. You make sure to follow all the tips and secrets of the makeup artists when it comes to taking care of your beauty, so what is missing?

I bet that most of you will have already noticed the importance that eyebrows have in the face. They really can change your expression and make your face appear completely different based on how you style them, so there is no point in doing a great makeup look if you have not shaped your eyebrows properly and taken care of them first! Here is the ultimate guide on how to get and maintain the perfect eyebrows.

How to Maintain Perfect Eyebrows - Woman Plucking Eyebrows

1. Go Pro!

First of all, before you attempt shaping your eyebrows yourself, you need to go to an eyebrow expert, who not only will know how to apply the best techniques to style your eyebrows, but will also study the best shape that suits your face. He or she will be able to style them much better than you and you will have a guideline to follow when you will be doing them at home later on. You can choose to go for different techniques there, such as waxing or threading, that will achieve different results and shapes.

2. Try Tweezers

To maintain the shape of your perfect eyebrows at home, the easiest, less messy and most economical way to do it is by using tweezers. You will have to make it a habit of plucking your eyebrows at least once every other day, otherwise you risk to end up with a messy bush and spend a lot of money in going back every so often to the eyebrow expert or beauty salon.

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3. Don't Overpluck

Follow the general rule that “thicker is safer”, so when you are plucking your own brows do not exaggerate. In fact, if the eyebrows are thick you always have time later to adjust them, whereas if you pluck them too thin you just need to wait until they grow back if you happen to not like the result.

4. Avoid Permanent Makeup

If you are considering long-lasting solutions to maintain your eyebrows, I would strongly advise against tattooing them with permanent makeup. First of all, you never know if in the future you might get bored of your shape and want to change it and secondly they tend to decolor, look fake and in most cases make you look older. I’d rather consider going for laser eyebrow removal which is less invasive and is great for those who have really bushy eyebrows.

5. Choose the Right At-Home Tools

When you are doing your makeup, don’t forget about the eyebrows by filling them in with a pencil or powder in one shade lighter than your hair to make them look perfect. Don’t go for black unless you have really dark skin and hair but go instead for a light brown. Use also a brow brush (or an old and clean mascara applier if you do not have the brush) to define them better and, if they are still unruly, apply some brow gel to make them stay in their place.

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