3 Tips for Finding the Best Handbag for You This Summer

Monday, July 15, 2013

--Guest Post By Grace

Summer brings with it an opportunity for women to dress up and enjoy being fashionable. An important accessory to the sundresses, shorts, and short skirts that women love to wear in this season is the summer handbag. When looking for the perfect handbag for summer, you must keep in mind several factors like your height, personality, body style, skin color, wardrobe type, and budget. Here’s more on how these factors can influence your decision.


Your personality should drive your choice of fashion bags. The most important rule is that you should never try to be someone you aren’t, and be completely comfortable and satisfied with your choice.

If you love sundresses and like to look pretty, then your handbag needs to support that look. A fancy purse would work best in that case. But if you are an adventurous person who loves sports and plans to spend your summer outdoors, a functional fashion bag is what you must consider. There are handbags available that are extremely fashionable and practical at the same time.

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Body style and height

While there is an extensive range of fashion bags available in the market, you need to choose one that suits your height and body type the most. If you are tall, then smaller handbags would suit you better. Large bags look clumsy, while a small bag with a long strap looks great on tall women.

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If you are a full-figured woman and you are not very tall, then larger handbags will go well on you. Larger handbags are attractive and divert attention from those body areas you aren’t too happy with. A larger bag with small straps will look great on you.

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Buying fashionable handbags, especially the branded ones, is an expensive affair. You may find your perfect summer bag, but the only thing holding you back could be its price! Try the following to get an enviable bag without paying its full price. Look at auction websites where you will find a bag you love at a price that is lesser than the full retail price.

Keep an eye on the classified section of your local newspaper. You just might find an advertisement by someone who wants to sell her fashion bags collection! Also try garage sales for finding a branded bag at a fabulous price.

Make the most of this summer and get stylish. Choose a summer handbag that you would want to take with you everywhere you go. Keep your body, budget, and personality in mind and you would never go wrong. Whatever bag you choose, wear it with confidence, and most importantly, enjoy looking great!

Grace is an expert associated with The Kewl Shop. She has a collection of fashion handbags and plans to exhibit it someday. You can visit TheKewlShop for a range of fashion handbags.