New Year, New Bag: The Best Work/ Gym Bags Ever

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Woman in San Francisco carrying red Fitmark Sport Backpack
Ok, a new work or gym bag isn’t nearly as fun as a new handbag, but it does have the potential to make you feel more pulled together and organized as you trip through your hectic day. Isn’t that kind of what we are all looking for in the New Year? I think the work and gym bags from San Francisco-based Fitmark are just what we all need.

I recently read about this new line of smart, high tech, super organizationally-minded fitness bags in the San Francisco Business Times. Yes, I am one of those geeks who avidly reads my local business journal, but that probably doesn’t surprise any of you long-time readers.

I was instantly intrigued by all of the thought that went into creating these bags, which include smart details like anti-microbial lining in separate dirty clothes sections and insulated compartments that keep your water bottle cold longer. Plus, they offer a large selection of different bag styles and colors, with some bags clearly designed for very specific New Year’s resolution-friendly activities, like yoga and bringing your lunch to work. Now you’re intrigued, right? Check out some of my favorite Fitmark bags for helping you to keep your resolution on track…

Resolved to get back into yoga? Try the Fitmark Namaste Tote.

This creative gym bag is topped with a buckle clamp for unobtrusively securing your yoga mat to the top of the tote. Other power woman-friendly features include a separate bag for shoes and laundry, insulated water bottle compartment, soft-lined toiletries pocket, and a lining that is printed with inspirational phases that are pretty low on the cheesy scale.

Fitmark Namaste Tote

→ Buy the Fitmark Namaste Tote, $89.00, at

Resolved to take a healthy lunch to work each day? Try Fitmark’s The Box.

Fitmark makes not one, but three different intelligently-designed meal toting apparatuses. The Box is the middle sized option, and quite perfect in my opinion.

The Box comes with the standard grown up lunch box features, like insulated compartments, BPA-free meal containers, and a TSA-approved ice pack (as well as a second, larger ice pack). It also has some features that are clearly geared to us food-fanatic, cleanse-loving, always-going types: a patented shaker bottle with custom vitamin and protein mix organizer, a swiveling center divider for max organization, and a luggage strap attachment.

Fitmark The Box

→ Buy the Fitmark The Box, $59.99, at

Resolved to go from work straight to the gym? Try the Fitmark Sport Tote.

It’s kind of like your regular old gym bag, just a lot smarter. It has Fitmark’s anti-microbial shoe and laundry bag feature, as well as lots of compartments for toiletries and other necessities that cool insulated water bottle area, all packed into a compact bag that’s not horrible to look at.

Fitmark Sport Tote

→ Buy the Fitmark Sport Tote, $118.00, at

Also worth mentioning are Fitmark backpacks, which are great for the men in your life, your weekend outdoor activities, or for use as a travel carry-on. They come in a range of sizes, and most can fit a 17” laptop in a separate padded technology compartment. Super fabulous.