My 5 Favourite Beauty Tools Every Woman Must Have

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

--Guest Post By Marina De Giovanni

I remember the first time I walked into a department store to purchase some make-up brushes, I looked at counter full of brushes and did not know what to do; there were so many and I was confused as to what brush did what! The make-up artist ended up selling me a heap of brushes, some which hardly got used, so thought I would put together a list of the 6 staple make-up brushes every woman must own. This list is simply all the brushes you will need to create a flawless look.

1. Foundation brush
Applying foundation with a foundation brush gives you a natural and smooth result. It’s not recommended to apply foundation with your fingertips or a make-up sponge, as your fingertips naturally produce oil, which can be damaging to your pores, and make-up sponges hold bacteria which causes breakouts.

Bobbi Brown Foundation Brush

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2. Concealer brush
A concealer brush is used for applying liquid or stick concealers to naturally hide dark circles and other blemishes. As mentioned above, it’s best to apply with a brush rather than with your fingertips or a make-up sponge.

Cover FX Concealer Brush

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3. Powder brush
A powder brush is used for applying loose or pressed powders. It’s recommended over a puff as its slightly flared shape applies powder lightly, leaving a smooth luminous effect rather than a heavy and uneven finish.

Make Up For Ever Large Powder Brush

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4. Blush brush
A blush brush has a bevelled cut and moulds to the shape of cheekbones for smooth application with a natural result – a much better alternative to the shapeless mini brush that normally comes with blush!

Bobbi Brown Blush Brush

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5. Eyeshadow brush
There are so many types of eye shadow brushes out there. The simple ‘eyeshadow brush’ is long bristled and slightly flared in shape, it’s commonly used for dusting on light to dark eyeshadow, soften intensity and illuminate eyes with transparency.

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6. Eye crease brush

Tapered in shape the eye crease brush is used for applying medium to dark eye shadow to the inner and outer corners of the eyelids. Its rounded end allows you to apply intense colour with the ability to soften it with the flat side of the brush.

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Marina Di Giovanni
Marina De Giovanni is the founder of Not a Model, an inspiring fashion and beauty blog for women of all ages. Marina started her blog to share her love for beauty and her killer wardrobe with the world. She’s not a model - and you don’t need to be to look like you’ve stepped right off the runway. You can follow Marina on Facebook and Instagram for daily inspiration!