Loving This Week: Minimalist Loungewear + Perfectly Purple Polish

Monday, March 31, 2014

Julep Nail Polish - Zara Sweatpants - Madewell Linen Tee Shirts

This past weekend, while waiting for my regular appointment with my esthetician/ miracle worker (Gailee at Bliss San Francisco), I stopped by a couple of my favorite mall stores for some window shopping. Well, that window shopping turned into some real life shopping when I ran across these minimalist basics, all of which fit like a dream.

Add in my new pedicure polish of choice, and you’ve got a nice little list of what I’m loving right now. Here’s a peek inside my online (and offline) shopping care this week…

1. Julep Judi Nail Color, $6.99 (was $14.00)
I turned a co-worker on to Julep’s “4-free” nail polishes just before the holidays last year. She fell instantly in love with their monthly “Maven Box” subscription program, and brought me along for the ride. Now I take the dark creamy colors, while she takes the shimmers and glitters, and we both pay the super discounted subscription price. I also now have more nail polish than I know what to do with.

I pulled out this pretty color for my pedi this week, and I adore it. It’s dark and vampy, but without the black undertones of, say, OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark. Judi is a deep, true violet – like the color of grape jelly in the jar. Gorgeous.

2. Zara Seamed Velour Trousers, $25.90
Zara may call these trousers, but in reality they’re just really cool looking cropped sweat pants. You know, the kind that the glossies show women wearing with stacked bootie pumps. But, without the super high designer price tag. I’ll be wearing them on the weekends with flip flops, or while traveling with slip-on skater sneakers and a hoodie.

3. Zara Plush Trousers, $19.90
Slightly more lightweight than the “velour” trouser, but similar in silhouette, these Plush Trousers will also be added to my summer weekend/ travel rotation. The fit of both pair is equally fantastic.

4. Madewell Linen Heathered Crewneck Tee, $42.00
After my successful run through Zara, I made my way down the mall to Madewell. I wasn’t intending to buy anything, but this linen tee caught my eye as soon as I walked in the door. I consulted with the nearest sales associate, who recommended that I size down because the fit was running a little big. I did just that, and totally fell for this slouchy tee the minute I tried it on. It will make for a chic loungewear look paired with the Zara Plush Trousers above.

5. Madewell Linen Crewneck Tee, $39.50
This tee just became my new favorite basic white tee. The fit is amazing. Really. It’s slim, but slouchy, and is just opaque enough to wear a nude colored undergarment without show-through. I predict I will be picking up a couple more to fill out my summer white tee quota.