Loving This Week: Super Sunscreen + a Wish List Wallet

Monday, April 07, 2014

Ojon Detangler - Perricone MD Sunscreen - Rag and Bone Wallet - Patagonia Hiking Shoes - The Blone Salad x Steve Madden Sneakers

Since I’m on a self-imposed one-week shopping moratorium (hey, even a pro needs a break now and then), this week’s shopping cart is a mix of postponed necessities and wish list items waiting to catch a break. Here’s a peek inside my online shopping cart this week…

1. Ojon Revitalizing Mist, $24.00
I get the worst tangles in my hair. It’s been this way since childhood. Even after beating the frizz out of my hair with twice-yearly Brazilian blowouts, my hair still turns into a tangled mess every time I wash. This leave-in de-tangler is the only thing that will get my hair to a place where I can comb it, and it works like magic. I just ran out and am not looking forward to trying to comb my hair tomorrow without it. It will be my first purchase when aforementioned moratorium ends.

2. Rag & Bone Crosby Continental Wallet, $255.00
I’ve been carrying the same wallet for ages. It has served me well, but I’m ready for something new and improved. This Rag & Bone wallet fits both my personal style and my need for lots of card slots. Plus, as far as luxe wallets go, it’s pretty affordable. I’m adding this to the wish list.

3. Perricone MD Photo Plasma, $69.00
After my favorite Origins SPF moisturizer was discontinued I went on the hunt for a new anti-aging moisturizer with a big SPF punch. I’ve been trying a travel size of this Perricone MD with SPF 30 for the past week and I’m pretty impressed. It’s lightweight and works well under makeup. Although I haven’t been using it long enough to see results myself, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Perricone MD line's anti-aging benefits. I’ll be upgrading to the full-size jar for an extended try-out soon.

4. Patagonia Drifer A/C Shoe, $130.00
Why are all hiking shoes so freaking ugly? I’ve been on the hunt for months and every well-reviewed pair I find is some combination of moss brown and an obnoxious day-glo shade, with a couple bungee laces thrown in for good measure. Hideous. Fugly. Not ok. Finally, after searching high and low, I ran across these Patagonia hiking shoes in a delightfully minimalist black/ grey/ dark grey color combo. Not bad in the looks department, and they have a solid 5-star user rating. I’m sold.

5. The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden YNYC-S Sneakers, $129.95
On the opposite side of the shoe functionality spectrum lies these purely aesthetically pleasing slip on sneaks. They’re from the special collaboration between the ultra-affordable shoe line Steve Madden and Italian uber-blogger The Blonde Salad, which has a couple pair of fabulous slip-on sneakers. This python-embossed leather with canvas lining version is my favorite… this week. They’re better suited to the urban jungle than a hiking trail, which is exactly what I love about them.