2 Lingerie Kickstarter Campaigns You Won't Want to Miss

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are quickly becoming destinations for amazing new fashion finds. Don’t believe me? Check out these two lingerie Kickstarter campaigns that are heating up social media. You’re not going to want to miss your chance to get in on these gorgeous new lingerie lines!

Naja, a new-ish line based here in San Francisco and founded by an attorney-turned-designer, has been getting a lot of press coverage including features in 7x7, Fast Company, and Inc. So, I was aware of their unique value proposition before I ran across their Kickstarter. But, it was the generosity of their campaign funding perks that really caught my attention – you can score a lot of Naja goods for helping to fund their campaign!

Beyond just being flat gorgeous lingerie, Naja has a social good focus that is inspiring. They use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes, and all of their undies are made by single mothers or women who are heads of household.

This is Naja’s second Kickstarter campaign, so you can trust that they will deliver on their funding promises.

Luxxie is a new foundation wear label that aims to create confidence-boosting smooth lines without the hideously uncomfortable restrictions of shapewear (Spanx and Yummie Tummie, I’m looking at you). I’m all about that.

Luxxie’s slips and camisoles have all sorts of high tech improvements that make the garment feel luxurious and easy to wear, but still smooth your silhouette under slim fitting dresses. I feel like this is the product I’ve been searching for my entire life… or at least my entire life after turning thirty.

This may be Luxxie’s first Kickstarter campaign, but they are clearly not amateurs. They’ve already created prototypes and tested them on real women. Side-by-side pictures of the same clingy dress paired with Luxxie and an industry favorite shapewear brand clearly show that Luxxie creates a superior look. I’m in awe.

What do you think of Naja and Luxxie? Would you consider crowdfunding a new label to get the jump on what could turn out to be the hottest new line? Tell me all about it in the comments!