Loving This Week: Winter White Boots + a Tomato Sweater

Monday, August 04, 2014

Zara boots - Smythe blazer - Stella McCartney sweater - Vince cashmere poncho - Rebecca Minkoff pouch

It’s such an awkward time in the fashion year. It’s the middle of summer, but all the stores are full of fall deliciousness. There are hardly any summer clothes left on the internets, but I don’t much care. I’m ready for fall…if only the weather would cooperate with my fashion cravings.

So, no surprise that my online shopping continues to veer towards items that are sure to be new fall favorites. Here’s what’s cooking in my online shopping cart this week…

1. Zara Wide-Heeled Leather Bootie, $119.00
Much like last week’s creamy white wool coat pick, winter white boots convey a sense of unabashed luxury. There’s nothing utilitarian or mundane about a shoe that requires pre-treatment and a good post-wear wipe-down to maintain. Luckily these new Zara boots are priced low enough that I won’t actually cry if they get scuffed or soiled.

2. Smythe Two-for-One Wool Detachable-Bottom Blazer, $595.00
I love the idea of detachable-bottom blazers, but in practice they tend to look kind of cheesy. Usually the bottom layer is attached with a very obvious zipper, which doesn’t look chic. This Smythe blazer is a welcome variation on the theme. This classic blazer manages to fully hide the area where the bottom layer attaches beneath a waist detail. You truly get two gorgeous, luxe Smythe blazers – one classic, one cropped – for the price of one.

3. Stella McCartney Open-Knit Alpaca-Blend Turtleneck Sweater, $800.00
This standout red sweater was a key item on the fall Stella McCartney runway, both because of the season’s must-have oversized turtleneck silhouette and the gorgeous color. This is the one shade of red that always strikes me sumptuous and luxurious, and I was instantly drawn to it while browsing the Net-a-Porter new arrivals section. Will I actually spring for it at full-price? Unlikely. But, I will sale stalk it while searching out a worthy replacement.

4. Vince Cashmere Pullover Slouchy Poncho, $239.00 (was $320.00)
I can’t resist Vince cashmere on sale, especially when there is a lot of cashmere in one place, like with this slouchy poncho. This will be a perfect transitional piece for summer into fall. Over a tee or tank, it’s ideal for the cooler days and nights of late summer. Once fall fully kicks in, it will be easy to layer with a long sleeve tee or slim sweater. Plus, you know, sale price and all.

5. Rebecca Minkoff NY State of Mind Cory Pouch, $55.00
Rebecca Minkoff has been putting out cute little coin pouches with cheeky sayings for a few years now. I’m always tempted to snag one for my purse, but have never taken the bait. This new “NY State of Mind” design may be the one. The black leather with gold accents strikes me as stereotypical NYC (in a good way), plus I love the idea of adding a little real-world reminder for my bi-annual NYC visit planning.