Loving This Week: Sleek Linen Blazer + the Best Detangler

Monday, April 06, 2015

J.Crew Dress - J.Crew Blazer - Knixwear Underwear - Emerson Fry Pants - Ojon Hair Mist

This week I discovered a brand new high-tech underwear line via Twitter that is truly unlike anything else I’ve seen in the space. Social media really is a fabulous way to find new things. I also returned to my favorite hair detangler, after diligently searching for a better option. If you have tangle-prone hair, you’ve got to try this mist.

Check out all of my favorite online shopping finds this week…

1. J.Crew Perforated Drapey Crepe Dress, $158.00
This easy, understated dress is available in black, which is my favorite. But, the black version doesn’t photograph well – you completely miss the perforations, which really do make the dress. Not only could this look be dressed up or down, it could be made to vibe prim or downtown-chic. Excellent versatility.

2. J.Crew Regent Blazer in Linen, $178.00
Another favorite find from J.Crew… I first spotted this new blazer in the catalog, then proceeded to stalk it online. The stand-up collar is everything. This jacket, a tee, and jeans is a spring uniform in the making.

3. Knixwear Fitknix Air Athletic Boyshorts, $23.00
I ran across this unique new Canadian underwear line on Twitter last week. A little research revealed that early customers love Knixwear, so I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered three pair of Fitknix. The Fitknix line, one of three they offer, is made for exercise with antimicrobial moisture-wicking technology and absolutely seamless construction, which customers say is invisible under even the most figure-hugging yoga pants.

4. Emerson Fry Frenchie Pant, $228.00
These new cotton pants are polished enough to go to work in a casual office, but funky enough that you don’t feel like you’ve sold your fashion soul to the business casual frump. The Emerson Fry site shows a bunch of different styling options, but I’m partial to the black cropped sweater and heeled sandals look for work.

5. Ojon Revitalizing Mist Original, $24.00
Once upon a time this was my go-to detangler. Then Sephora stopped carrying the Ojon line, so I cycled through a bunch of different brands thinking I’d find one that both detangled my crazy hair and scored me Sephora VIB loyalty points. I gave up this week. Nothing – and I really do mean nothing – detangles and re-hydrates like this Ojon mist. I will never stray again.