Trend Worth Trying: Edgy Statement Earrings

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

--By Kim Moshtaghi

Earrings are one of my favorite accessories to shop for. This feature is all about fashionable earrings that make a statement, without just focusing on the popular chandelier earring. This is also going to be a small tribute to the ‘80s. Sometimes you will get an ‘80s flashback from my showcase items; a couple will have a geometric twist. My picks aren’t just fun, they are also a phenomenal way to complete fall’s rich looks. This is all about architecturally stimulating pieces that will help your inner edgy gal come out.

My first pick is a simple, inspired, old school drop earring from Banana Republic. It has all the impressive sparkle of a more expensive earring, without shelling out the cash for such a dazzling piece. I can vouch for Banana Republic accessories. I’ve had some earrings from there that have lasted six years and still haven’t tarnished. I like this pair because you will definitely use them during fall and winter months for all the holiday parties you have to get snazzy for.

Banana Republic Silver Seas Statement Earring

→ Buy the Banana Republic Silver Seas Statement Earring, $49.50, at

Are you a gal that likes the funkier statement earrings, but hates to wear a drop earring? If so, you’ll like this edgy crawl earring. It’s plain, but its ability to take over the side of your ear gives it a punk rock feel with a clean finish. I like this earring because it allows you to wear other fun accessories without looking like you went overboard.

Bauble Bar Celine Ear Crawlers

→ Buy the Bauble Bar Celine Ear Crawlers, $28.00, at; shipping and returns are free.

If you’ve been keeping up with fashion, then you know that the all-black look is fall’s version of all-white in the summer. This year “the sleeker and the darker the better” is the trend. Keeping it all-black with mixed in fabrics, especially leather accents, is the ultimate daring look. With this all-black vixen look you’ll need a perfect pair of earrings to finish it off. I love these geometric earrings from Zara. They are on point and I can’t stop looking at the cool design.

Zara Long Geometric Earrings

→ Buy the Zara Long Geometric Earrings, $15.90, at

Now heading back into the ‘80s a bit, this next earring is bold and a big statement. This thick, all black earring will make an appearance even if you are wearing a thick shawl. Don’t worry about it being unnoticed. And that’s the beauty of this fall – it’s all about being BOLD, and being noticed.

Topshop Triangle Drop Earrings

→ Buy the Topshop Triangle Drop Earrings, $14.00, at

Kim Moshtaghi
is a contributing writer for Adventures in the Stiletto Jungle. Kim is currently based in sunny San Diego, California, where she's a Realtor with Apprize Realty, Inc., specializing in coastal homes and luxury acquisitions. Kim has a communications degree, a third degree black belt, and a totally covetable Gucci handbag collection.