Loving This Week: New Finds for a New Year

Monday, January 04, 2016

Julia Kostreva Notebooks - Water Bottle - REN Flash Rinse - Rockland Luggage - Well Kept Towelettes

Although I ran across all of this week’s shopping finds organically over a period of days, once I had them side by side, a New Year’s theme quickly emerged. These fabulous goodies have change written all over them, from changing bad habits to changes of locale.

Check out all of the New Year’s finds floating around in my online shopping cart this week:

1. Julia Kostreva Notebooks, $32.00
A new year calls for a new day planner, and these gorgeous notebooks are perfect. Available in ten artsy cover prints, each 12-month, open-dated daily planner contains doodle-worthy open spaces and daily planning areas, with typography as beautiful as the covers.

2. Cucumber Infuser Water Bottle, $19.99
One of my favorite parts of the spa-going experience is the cucumber water. It always tastes so refreshing! But, sadly, making my own seems like such a chore once I’m home. This handy bottle will take all of the hard work out of my favorite water infusion. Perfect for tackling that “drink more water” resolution.

3. REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial, $48.00
I keep hearing great things about this mask-meets-facial-treatment. The latest: Emma Roberts gushed about it in this month’s Allure magazine. Evidently, it’s one of those products where you use it once and get instant results: firm, bouncy, glowing skin. I’ve got to try this.

4. Rockland Luggage 3-Piece ABS Spinner Luggage Set, $129.99
I first spotted this chic rose gold-colored luggage set in Vogue’s daily email newsletter. I did a quick double-take. Did I read that right? A 3-piece hard-sided expandable luggage set in on-trend rose gold for $130? Yep. Here’s to travelling more, and in better style, in the new year.

5. Well Kept Screen Cleaning Towelettes, $6.00
We all know how gross our smartphones get. We’re talking germ-central. And we never clean them, right? These new towelettes are designed to keep tech devices squeaky clean, which means fewer pesky cheek breakouts. What’s even better, the re-sealable pouch is available in seven designs to match your personal style, from abstract to floral to camo print. Certain print options also support worthwhile causes such as ALS awareness and military family support.