Loving This Week: Neutral Spring Polish + Luxe Lingerie

Monday, March 21, 2016

Araks Lingerie - Altuzarra Dress - The Horse Wallet - Dior Nail Polish - Dream Collective Barrette

It’s not that I don’t like color, it’s that I don’t like color on me. Despite this deep aversion, I found myself drawn to a couple jewel-toned pieces this past week. I blame it on spring. I’m sure I’ll be back to shades of black and grey in no time.

To balance out a couple quite colorful finds, a few neutral picks. Including a pinky-greige nail color that is the perfect spring shade for the color-shy.

Check out all of my favorite shopping picks for the week…

1. Araks Yanelis Bralett, $100.00, and Joan Panty, $95.00, in Nutmeg
Yes, Araks lingerie is ridiculously expensive. But it’s also gorgeous, and crafted with as much care and attention as your favorite designer frock. This particular set features a nutmeg-colored sheer cotton with plum silk details and silk trim.

2. Altuzarra Ko Dress, $1,995.00
This royal blue color is striking, but it’s the intricate pleats that make this spring dress a real knock-out. Related, I recently read that Altuzarra is one of the secrets to Claire’s sleek upscale look on House of Cards. Makes total sense.

3. The Horse Small Block Wallet in Pistachio, $99.00
This simple Italian leather wallet is pale pistachio green on one side and blush on the other, with rose gold hardware. On paper, it sounds like it should be a crazy mess. But, in reality it comes off as perfectly minimalist. It also happens to be ultra-organized on the inside.

4. Dior Vernis Gel Shine Nail Lacquer in Palais Royal, $27.00
This pretty greige is the spring alternative to black, charcoal, and deep crimson nail polishes. It has the same alt-neutral vibe, but without the heaviness of a darker shade.

5. Dream Collective White Flag Barrette, $76.00
How do you rock a barrette without looking juvenile? This hand-enameled option with silver screw details is how.