Coach Is Cool Again. These Bags Are Why.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Stylish woman carrying Coach 1941 Rogue 36 Handbag

If you’re a follower of the Stiletto Jungle Twitter feed – and, really, you should be – you may have caught a Fortune article I shared earlier this week on the rebirth of the Coach brand. The crux of the article is that Coach is winning back its luxe reputation, and has the profits to prove it.

So, what happened to Coach? Fifteen years ago, it was an in-demand luxury brand. Then there was the proliferation of knock-offs, lower-quality direct-to-outlet bags, and markdowns. All hallmarks of an upscale brand in rapid decline. And decline it did.

After several years of slumping sales and being the subject of snarky fashion girl one-liners, Coach is back. They’ve got a stellar new spokesmodel in Selena Gomez, and a pricier runway-inspired collection – Coach 1941 – that’s selling like hotcakes.

So, how did Coach become cool again? According to Fortune, it was a multi-prong approach that included cutting back on the discounts and flash sales, removing itself from a quarter of the department stores where it was once sold, and refocusing on the up-market consumer. By all accounts, these are the bags that are leading the comeback.

Gone are the days of the ubiquitous logo bag and basic leather satchels. Today’s Coach is led by the best-selling Rogue, a fashion-forward leather bag that starts at $795.00. Upgrades like snake detail and artistic appliques will set you back as much as $1,500.00. Reviewers gush that it’s the best Coach bag in years. I think this dark denim glovetanned pebble leather version is perfect for everyday wear. It’s also available in six other gorgeous shades, including a butterscotch yellow that is stunning.

Coach 1941 Rogue Handbag in glovetanned pebble leather - old brass/ dark denim

→ Buy the Coach 1941 Rogue Handbag, $795.00, at

The Duffle Sac was originally produced in 1971, and was a hit in the Coach heyday. This reimagining of that iconic design has the same laidback, cool girl vibe, but with a modern edge. This cypress version features a flashy oxblood leather lining and black copper details.

Coach 1941 Duffle Shoulder Bag in glovetanned leather - black copper/ cypress

→ Buy the Coach 1941 Duffle Shoulder Bag, $550.00, at

This new take on the saddle bag has playful contrast stitching and an assortment of interior and exterior pockets for organizing your essentials. It’s really the perfect bag to take on vacation.

Coach 1941 Saddle Bag in glovetanned leather - black copper/ black

→ Buy the Coach 1941 Saddle Bag, $550.00, at

The details make the Dinky 24 bag a must-have. It starts with a leather-and-chain strap update to a classic 1973 design. Then, it adds an attached French purse inside the bag. So organized! So chic! Finally, there’s a secure turnlock closure that makes it a much better evening out choice than your usual flap bag. It comes in five rich colors; this Bordeaux shade is my favorite.

Coach 1941 Dinky 24 in glovetanned leather - black copper/ bordeaux

→ Buy the Coach 1941 Dinky 24, $450.00, at

This petite crossbody-to-clutch convertible design would get a ton of use in standard pebbled leather. But, add in this woven leather pattern and it becomes that weekend bag that you want to wear all week.

Coach 1941 Dinky in Coach Link Leather - black copper/ chalk

→ Buy the Coach 1941 Dinky in Coach Link Leather, $595.00, at

So, what do you think of the new and improved Coach? Let me know your favorite new handbag style in the comments!