These Are the Socks to Wear with Your Cropped Pants

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Having more or less lived my entire life in California I’ve developed a pretty strong aversion to socks. I know it sounds weird to people who live in places that have actual seasons, but, unless we’re working out, Californian women tend to go sockless.

Pumps, flats, brogues, booties, sneakers…all worn sans socks in sunny California. This presents quite a bit of confusion when we are forced to travel to cold climates. I remember the first time I visited my day job’s Minneapolis office in winter. How do women wear dress shoes when it’s seventeen below?

Fast forward a few years. Socks have moved beyond chilly-weather utilitarian wear and into the fashion mainstream. It’s cool to wear socks again, especially when paired with unconventional pieces like open-toe sandals and cropped jeans. I’m so loving this look.

But, what kind of socks do you wear with cropped pants? This is not the time or place for your gym-tastic Hanes ankle socks. I’ve done a bit of research and found three distinct frontrunners for the title of best socks to pair with cropped pants.

First up, classic white socks, upgraded. To get this look, it’s important to choose a sophisticated white sock, unless you enjoy looking like a second grader.

I suggest these luxe silk socks from Maria La Rosa. This label has quickly become known as the go-to source for dressy, sophisticated socks with unique textures.

Maria La Rosa Mid-Calf Silk Socks

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Fancy black socks can go either dressy or more laid-back. Pick a thinner pair for wearing with sandals and pumps. A thicker ribbed sock is ideal for booties and loafers.

These mid-weight socks from Revival will work well with all but the heaviest shoes.

Revival Ankle Sock

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Feeling adventurous? A pair of black fishnet ankle socks is the latest way to add a little edge to your look. A word of caution, though. Please don’t pair these socks with stilettos or platform pumps. The look is just a little too much.

These wide-cut fishnet crew socks are just right.

Out From Under Fishnet Crew Socks

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More Socks to Wear with Cropped Pants: