30 Snake Motifs to Buy Instead of Taylor Swift Merch

Monday, August 28, 2017

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Whether you love Taylor Swift's new video for Look What You Made Me Do, or hate it (or are living under a rock and have zero idea what I'm talking about), I think we can all agree on this: she's bringing the snake motif back to fashion's front and center. The image of her sitting on a golden throne decked out in Balmain and a serious amount of diamond-encrusted-snake bling is a standout look that has sent fans to her online store in droves to snap up their own snake-themed merchandise. In fact, all of the snake-theme goods are sold out as of this writing.

I don't want to give Taylor too much credit here. Snake motifs haven't been missing from fashion. In fact, Gucci's newest season features a gorgeous floral snake print that's equal parts beautiful and sinister. But, all the commotion surrounding Taylor Swift's new look and beautifully art directed video has created renewed interest in snake themes. If you find yourself drawn to the snake jewelry and prints, but want a version of the look that is more high-fashion and less pop star, start here. I've rounded up 30 stylish snake-motif fashion options, from clothing to jewelry to accessories. Your ideal level of snake-inspired bling is sure to be found somewhere in this list...

Which snake-y option is your favorite? Or did I miss something that really should be on this list? Let me know in the comments!