Loving This Week: A Perfect NYE Dress + Political Cashmere

Monday, November 26, 2018

Emerson Fry Dress - Faris Bracelet - Byredo Hand Wash - Lingua Franca Sweater - Topshop Jeans

Check out a few of my favorite online shopping finds for the week…

1. Emerson Fry Sparkler Dress, $288.00
Oh, hey – it’s your New Year’s Eve dress. Slouchy, sparkly, and fully lined. Plus, adjustable shoulder straps! It doesn’t get much better than this.

2. Faris SEED Onyx Bracelet, $125.00
This pretty little bauble features a strand of small onyx beads held together with a sterling silver hook-and-eye closure. It’s simple and refined. Maybe pair it with aforementioned NYE dress?

3. Byredo Rinse Free Hand Wash, $35.00
Would a hand sanitizer by any other name smell as sweet? Likely, no. This is one of those rare cases where the product is deserving of the euphemistic name. It’s a beautifully scented, hydrating hand wash for when you want to both be germ free and bougie. I’m picturing it in the carry-on for a magical winter getaway.

4. Lingua Franca ‘the revolution will not be tweeted’ Sweater, $380.00
Lingua Franca’s hand-embroidered cashmere sweaters have become a kind of Fifth Avenue uniform for the politically aware. They have many contemporary catch phrases to choose from (as well as a fun apolitical collab with the Whitney Museum). Having got my start in the digital world as a social media manager, fresh off an early career as a political law attorney, this take on the title of Joe Trippi’s seminal book on the rise of internet as a political tool speaks volumes to me.

5. Topshop High Waist Crop Straight Leg Jeans, $110.00
Sometimes you just need a pair of dark denim jeans in a modern cut, minus the bells and whistles. These are those jeans.