FOUND: Stylish & Comfy Wrap Sweatshirt

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Gap Shawl wrap sweatshirt

Gap Shawl Wrap Sweatshirt

It's a wrap... It's a cardigan... No, wait, it's a shawl wrap sweatshirt!

When I'm just hanging out at home I live in sweatshirts. Nothing is more comfortable than a big, soft sweatshirt for padding around the house. The problem is that all of my sweatshirts are old, oversized, and completely un-stylish. I just can't bear to wear them out of the house, so I'm forced to stop and change clothes before running errands. If only there were truly stylish sweatshirts...

Here's a sweatshirt masquerading as a wrap cardigan. At first glance it looks just like a trendy tunic-length wrap sweater, but if you look closer you can see that it is made out of Gap's fabulous super soft sweatshirt material. How cozy! A stylish and comfy sweatshirt that you can wear in public without losing your fashionista status.

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