Found: Stately Vintage Typewriter Necklace

Monday, August 28, 2006

Typewriter Key Necklace
I've never really been all that into vintage clothing and accessories. I like vintage fashion in general, just not on me. Imagine my surprise when I found myself strangely drawn to this stately vintage Typewriter Key Necklace.

I usually opt for super simple 18k or 22k gold jewelry with the occasional diamond or semi-precious stone thrown in, but this necklace has me bewitched. It is simple, but it also reminds me of simpler times. Each necklace is handmade from authentic typewriter keys of the '20s, '30s and '40s. The vintage typewriter key is set in sterling silver and then strung on a silver ball chain. Very unique.

This necklace can be made with any letter of the alphabet that you choose. The obvious choice is one of your initials, but I think picking a random letter might be fun. I can picture people asking me what the "Q" on my necklace means. Voila! A wearable conversation starter.

Not into vintage fashion choices? Not to worry. Just because this necklace is crafted from vintage goods doesn't mean you're limited to wearing with vintage clothing. Just imagine this necklace worn with a black ribbed cashmere sweater and black pencil skirt for a sleek look. Or, pair it with a slouchy tee, skinny jeans, and flats for the weekend.

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