FOUND: Stylishly Fun Luggage Tags

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


How many times have you been standing there at the luggage carousel at the airport waiting to fish your nondescript bag out of the sea of black suitcases rotating in front of you? Don't you wish there was something you could do to make your bag a little more stylish and hip without plunking down a paycheck for designer luggage that will get thrashed on your first trip? Me too. That's why I'm all about these fabulous luggage tags from Bob's Your Uncle.

For $12 you get six reusable tags with either a "Schlep" theme or a "Motel" theme. The Motel theme has six vintage motel signs pictured on the front. My favorite, the Schlep theme pictured here, features six tags each with a different word that is related to heavy luggage: Haul, Heave, Schlep, Tow, Drag, and Lug. The front features the word and the back shows a dictionary definition. The inside is set up to house your contact information just in case your luggage gets lost en route to your destination (yeah, that never happens). Functional and fun. I'll take them!

These tags are available now at FredFlare. Click the picture for a link to purchase them online. I can't wait for my suitcase to be the best accessorized luggage on the carousel!