FOUND: A "Wear Everywhere" Knit Dress

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Old Navy Women's Drop-Waist Knit Dresses

Drop-Waist Knit Dress

One of the newest trends with major retailers is offering a special line of clothing that is available exclusively online. I've read that this is because the designers who are churning out the stuff with mass-market appeal for "everywoman" brands like Gap, Banana Republic, and J.Crew occasionally come up with a fabulous design that just doesn't fit within the typical style of that retailer. Maybe its too dressy; maybe its too funky. The company fears that the out-of-the-norm piece won't sell in the bricks and mortar store, but it's just too good of a design to toss away, so they offer it in limited quantities online. The best example of this phenomenon is the amazing party dresses and wedding party attire that you can only purchase on J.Crew's website. They are exquisite, and quite a bit more costly than your average pair of J.Crew signature chinos!

This versatile Drop-Waist Knit Dress is a great example of why online exclusives are fabulous finds. This is the ultimate wear everywhere dress. Made out of super stretchy knit and featuring a built-in shelf bra, it will be cool, comfortable, and stylish for the remainder of the summer. I'll wear it with embellished flat sandals and long necklaces for a summer chic look. For the fall I'll pull on a pair of skinny jeans underneath, hitch the drop waist up a little higher, and top it with a chunky v-neck sweater. At only $29.99 this multi-season dress is a steal and the best part is that, since it is only available online, chances are your friends won't have it!

Ok, so you've probably noticed that I have failed to mention who makes this stylish find. This super chic dress is from the online exclusives line at Old Navy. Yes, that Old Navy. You can only find it online, so snap this one up before it disappears. Click on the photo for a link to purchase this dress at