TREND: Kork-Ease Platform Wedge Sandals

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Kork-Ease - Original Buff Leather (Chocolate) - Women's

Kork-Ease Leather Sandals

Sick of suffering for fashion? Tired of wearing uncomfortable shoes in the name of style? I have found your salvation. These incredibly trendy platform wedge sandals are the most comfortable shoes you will ever wear. In fact, they are actually good for your feet.

The secret? These super stylish and of-the-moment shoes were originally designed as an orthopedic shoe in the '70s. They were all the rage thirty plus years ago and then disappeared from site. After decades of being hopelessly out of style, the platform wedge is hot once again and so are these shoes. They have reportedly been snapped up by celebrities like Madonna and Liz Hurley and are on the wish lists of countless fashionistas.

They are available in Black, Cafe (a lighter brown), Natural, and Chocolate (pictured here) on Click the photo for a direct link to where you can purchase these hot shoes. As always, offers free shipping on all orders. Super trendy shoes that are super comfortable and good for your feet. I can't pass that up.