FOUND: A Very "Sexy" Puffer Jacket

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Miss Sixty ivory 'Sexy' nylon contrast quilted and knit ski jacket
I always marvel at the odd names designers give their creations. These names very rarely have anything to do with the actual item they have been chosen to represent. It's kind of like when the song name has absolutely nothing to do with the song. I just wonder why? Why is this the name you picked to sum up your creation? That being said, I think I've found an exception in the Miss Sixty "Sexy" Ski Jacket.

I've been a huge fan of Miss Sixty for years. The stylishly offbeat clothes made by this Italian sportswear company never fail to flatter the female body. That's why I didn't have to ask "why?" when Miss Sixty named this ski jacket "Sexy." While most puffer jackets sacrifice a flattering shape in favor of warmth, this jacket maintains a shapely, stylish look. The knit bands, shawl collar, and well-placed button details work together to create a fashionable, and quite "Sexy," take on the puffer jacket. Very nice.