TREND: Sweet-Chic Canvas Flats

Thursday, January 25, 2007

It's not very often than you run into a fashion trend that is actually insanely comfortable. I'm definitely going to take advantage of this one. As spring approaches, sweet-chic canvas flats are slowly invading the shoe stores.

From super high-end versions from names like Marc Jacobs, Delman, and Dior, to ultra-affordable designs by department store standby Keds, these flats are hitting every stop on the fashion price scale. Better than a great price, the combination of the flat design and breathable cotton canvas construction make these stylish shoes perfectly comfy in the hottest weather or on the longest walks. How often do you find that in a trendy shoe?

While there are many high-end canvas flats available this season, the prices drop off sharply from there. Lucky for those of us without a neverending clothing budget. These very affordable "Jenna" flats from Punkrose are a little more sassy than sweet and feature a fleur de lis detail that adds a trendy edge.

punkrose - Women's Jenna

→ Buy the Punkrose "Jenna" Flats, currently out of stock.

The "Kirsty" flat from Shellys London would be perfect for pairing with skirts and bermudas this spring. They come in three versatile colors, so you are sure to find one to match just about anything in your wardrobe.

Shellys London - Kirsty

→ Buy the Shellys London Kirsty Flats, $23.29, at

Looking for an easy way to incorporate the nautical trend into your wardrobe? These Striped Ballerina Flats paired with wide-leg white pants would give off a sailor vibe, without resorting to costumy clothing choices.

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Not afraid to stand out in a crowd? The Keds "Hipster" flat is stylish enough to carry an otherwise simple outfit thanks to zany stripes in primary colors.

Keds - Women's Hipster

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Get the canvas flat trend covered on the cheap with this great sale find. The "Smokin' Cat Shoe" from Sugar gets a stylish bonus from a striped buckle detail.

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