Botkier "Bianca" Handbag Back In Stock!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The necessity of getting on a waiting list for the latest handbag design from a top label is hardly news. The practice of waiting patiently to get the bag of your dreams has become old hat for most fashionistas. My problem with the process is I'm always worried that by the time my name has reached the number one position I'm not going to want the bag anymore. How pathetic would that be?

My last big handbag crush was the Botkier "Bianca" Satchel in black lambskin. I had it bad for that bag. I even wrote about the Bianca bag here at Stiletto Jungle when it debuted at the beginning of the fall season. Mere weeks after I wrote about my new lustworthy find, the Bianca satchel was gone. The trendy bag had sold out everywhere. Stiletto Jungle was flooded by handbag lovers searching the internet for this super hot handbag, but the Bianca was nowhere to be found.

Imagine my surprise today when I stumbled upon the Botkier "Bianca" Satchel in the new arrivals section at Hawaii-based online retailer Adasa. I practically jumped for joy. The Bianca is back in stock after months of sold out status. This time around Bianca is not only available in super chic black lambskin, it has also been reincarnated in a sumptuous nude snakeskin cowhide. Check out the re-emergence of the hot Botkier "Bianca" Satchel:

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