FOUND: Supplies for "Going Commando" With Ease

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Commandos Underwear Free Patch for Delicates and Stretch
$16.00 (8-pack)
Available at:

I like wearing underwear. I'll admit it. I know, it's not the most popular habit to have right now. With Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Britney Spears being spotted out and about noticeably sans-underwear, I feel positively prudish in my panty affection. Such is life. Despite my love for having a little something between my personal bits and my overpriced designer jeans, banishing panty lines completely is quite the task. What's a girl to do?

More than a few fabulous fashionistas have been praising the utility of "going commando" lately. While style experts, doctors, and fashionistas agree that skirts and dresses ALWAYS require underwear, panty-line free pants are easiest to achieve by ditching the panties altogether. Hmm. Doesn't sound all that comfortable if you ask me. Hello, chafing? Scratching? Irritation? Do I need to go on?

Anti Panti Underwear Free Patch in Zebra Print
Anti Panti
$10.00 (5-pack)
Available at:

Seems like someone has been listening to the "going commando" woes. In the past couple of month two different companies have introduced special disposable adhesive-backed cotton patches that are designed to make wearing pants sans-underwear a more comfortable proposition.

Commandos (top left) are available in two varieties-- for jeans and for delicates and stretch materials-- and in many different colors. According to the company website, Commando's unique "lobed" shape is designed to "allow for a flexible and smooth grip on the tricky inside seams of jeans and pants without bunching the fabric" as well as customized sizing via a sharp pair of scissors. Anti Panti (right) is a 4" circle that is available in tons of cute patterns, including zebra print (shown).

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