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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Those of you who are regular Stiletto Jungle readers know our Girl Talk panel is nothing if not diverse. The wide range of fashion and beauty ideas they come up with is what makes them so much fun to have around! So, when two different members of our panel named Reef Sandals as one of their top 5 fashion and beauty must-haves, I was naturally a little curious, but I let it go. That was months ago. Flash forward to this week when our friends over at Active Sandals, a fab online store specializing in beachwear and activewear sandals, asked if we would be interested in reviewing Reef Sandals for our site. I instantly knew exactly who I had to ask about Reef. I called in Pearl and Tina, two of our fab Girl Talk panelists, to give their two cents on why Reefs are on their must have list.

Reef Butter Sandals in Gold
Reef "Butter" Sandals

Available at: Active Sandals

"My love affair of flip flops dates back to when I converted from being an East Coast girl to West Coast bum seven years ago, and I can never go back," explains Pearl, a 28-year-old LA-based music industry coordinator. "I have flat feet, without much of an arch, and it makes wearing those uber cute heels-- ahem, stilettos-- a serious problem. But I love the height from heels, so Reef flip flops allow me to be super comfortable, and yet have the height at the same time since they have chunky, platform heels. I have been wearing the same pair religiously for about a year now. They are still a little girly, without being uncomfortable, and are extremely versatile. Also, the material of the footbed seems to conform to your foot. There is an imprint of my foot now on the sandal, so it almost 'customizes' to your particular feet. I can't rave enough about my Reefs, I wouldn't be able to walk anywhere without them!"

Reef Sandy Sandals in Green
Reef "Sandy" Sandals

Available at: Active Sandals

Tina, a 34-year-old attorney in San Diego, California, is just as enthusiastic about her Reef Sandals. "I would love to rave about Reef Sandals," says Tina. "They are the best. They are extremely comfortable and stylish. I have six different pairs. They can go with anything you wear. The best part is comfort and fit. The longer you have them the more comfy they really are. I can walk all day long in a pair of Reefs and have no problems, while a pair of tennis shoes might cause some discomfort for the same amount of time. I have actually convinced several friends to 'just try them' and see... they hated flip-flops before and since trying Reefs that is all they wear. You just fall in love with them. There are other brands but the comfort, fit and quality of Reefs-- one pair of mine are 3 years old-- keep you buying them!"

Ok, I'm convinced. I may just have to try a pair of Reefs out for myself. Click on either photo to link directly to where you can purchase that pair of Reef sandals online, or check out the huge selection of Reef sandals available online at Active Sandals. Want honest reviews from real-world women delivered right to your inbox? Subscribe to Stiletto Jungle and get free updates by e-mail or RSS.

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