Girl Talk: If I Was A Pair of Shoes...

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

They say you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes. Is that really true? I've never thought much about what my shoes were saying about me; I just wear whatever tickles my fancy and matches my outfit. Then I was asked an interesting question by the always zany Kristopher Dukes during a recent interview: "If you were a stiletto, you'd be a _____?" Hmm. That question took some thought. In fact, I had to take a pass and go back and answer that one last. My final pick? A pair of saucy Gucci platform pumps. Like me, they are tall, impractical, and completely irresistible.

My chance encounter with the existential shoe question got me thinking. Are shoes really a reflection of our inner fashionista? I knew one way to get to the bottom of this. I called in the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel, a group of sassy real-world women who have no problem baring their inner fashionista. My question to them: "If you were a shoe, what would you be?"

HAVAIANAS Top Womens Sandals - Black
Havaianas Classic Flip Flop

Available at:

Havaianas Flip-Flops "Flip-flops are the only shoe I can live in. I am a southern Cali girl all the way and it shows in my style and choice of shoe. Most women think that flippers, as I like to call them, are not even a shoe. They are right... They are a way of living. I own 3 pairs of heels and at least 30 pairs of flippers. They can go with anything except a cocktail dress (hence the 2 pairs of heels). They can be dressy-- I wore a pair with Swarovski crystals under my wedding dress-- or they can be casual. They are so versatile that I honestly don't know what I would do without them. They come in all colors and styles. They are comfortable and reliable: no broken heel here girls!

HAVAIANAS Mono Dots Womens Sandals - Rose
Havaianas "Mono Dots" Flip Flop

Available at:

I, being a connoisseur of flippers, have found that Havaianas are superior in fit and feel. Jennifer Aniston is also a fan-- that's how I found them. I read an article about her choice of shoe for a Mexico photo shoot and she wore this particular brand. I checked it out and first found them at Diane's Beachwear [in Newport Beach, California]; they now carry them at Tillys. Havaianas are now my only brand. They have never come out from the toe split and are comfortable enough to wear for a full day of Disneyland. Like I said, they are not a shoe, they are a lifestyle. They are always easy to slip on and off and they have designs that can be girlie or casual. If you are beach girl, whether it's winter or summer, you known what I mean."

-- Jennifer, 31, Long Beach, CA

Miss Dior Patent Peep Toe Pump
Miss Dior Patent Pump

Available at: eLUXURY

Miss Dior Patent Peep-Toe Pumps "The five-inch black pumps scream 'sexy diva,' which is love at first sight for me. The peek-a-boo pumps are almost wearable with anything, so they are very much adaptable-- like me. I can adapt to most situations, even when I'm uncomfortable. These fierce shoes look like they can take on the world with those heels, and that shiny color they wear makes them look anything but uncomfortable. They look soft enough for a regular heel wearer. However, they can look intimidating if you are not into heels and that can also be a mirror image of me. I think I can come of as obnoxious on the outside if you haven't been around someone like me before. The shoes show off a few toes, leaving room for some guessing. It's almost as if they could speak they would say, 'If you can handle this spicy exterior, you will postively love all of this interior.' Okay, maybe that's me talking, but I'm the shoe now, right?"

-- Kim, 23, La Jolla, CA

Natural Comfort XX3 Ankle Strap Wedge
Natural Comfort "XX3" Wedge
icon$82.50 (was $110-- save 25%!)
Available at:

Dressy Summer Sandals "I decided to pick a fun summer dress up sandal. My closet is full of every color and every brand name of flip flop, with the exception of two pair of Steve Madden sandals my sister picked out for me last summer that I absolutly love. I just do not have a good eye for shoes, so please tell me how I've done!

Matisse Kate Wedge Sandal
Matisse "Kate" Wedge Sandal
Available at:

I've picked two pair from Macys online: the Natural Comfort 'XX3' Ankle Strap Wedge (right) and the Matisse 'Kate' Wedge Sandal (left). I thought they look casual, yet dressy enough to go out dacing in this summer."

-- Michelle, 40, Huntington Beach, CA

I have to say, you've done a great job ladies! I love all of your selections and think you did a great job of picking fun, feisty shoes that fit your individual pesonality and fashion-ality.

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