FOUND: Blake Lively's Gossip Girl Premiere Shirt

Monday, September 24, 2007

In case you haven't heard, Gossip Girl is the hot new show amongst fashionistas in the know. Although the plot does have that soapy goodness that keeps things interesting, that's not why this show is the talk of the town. It's the clothes. Not since Sex and the City has the wardrobe of a television show been so spectacular. The clothes are practically another character all of their own.

Thanks to TiVo I've seen the premiere episode three times already. While the first time through sucked me into the deviously delicious plot, the next two times were exercises in expert rewinding and still pausing. The reason? To write down each and every recognizable designer clothing choice and hip soundtrack addition for future reference. As long as the plotline can keep up with the amazing clothing and fabulous music, Gossip Girl is destined for pop culture history.

Rebecca & Drew Tuxedo Shirt
Rebecca & Drew Tuxedo Shirt

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Want to have your own little piece of Gossip Girl clothing fabulousness? I suggest starting at the beginning... literally. At the premiere party for Gossip Girl the actress who plays the show's heroine, Blake Lively, was snapped wearing a chic D&G satin pant suit and trim fitting classic white button down by Rebecca & Drew. Want to steal this hot look for yourself? I'd start with the amazing Rebecca & Drew shirt.

Not just an upscale version of a classic, Rebecca & Drew shirts are actually a clothing wonder. If you are like most women, you probably have a tough time finding a slim button down shirt that fits perfectly without any alterations. My issue is that I'm 5'8" and completely flat-chested-- if it's big enough to fit my tall frame, it's way too baggy in the chest. I have friends who are skinny-minnies, but quite busty (check out this Wednesday's Girl Talk column for more on that particular problem). The common denominator? None of us can find off-the-rack button downs that are both slim and fit properly across the bust. Rebecca & Drew solves this problem. When you pick out a Rebecca & Drew shirt you choose your size based on your bra size and height. For example, if you are 5'2" and a 38C bra size, your Rebecca & Drew shirt would be size "38C Regular." Ingenious. That Blake Lively is one smart cookie.

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