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Monday, September 24, 2007

Pittsburgh Steelers Women's 4-In-1 Jacket
Steelers 4-in-1 Jacket

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It's Week 3: San Diego loses (again!?!?), Philly destroys Detroit, and the Dallas-Chicago game might be the best game of the week for the first time in decades. Sundays between August and January mean thousands of men and women across the country are watching the NFL. I grew up in Denver, where Bronco-mania is a way of life, and fondly recall an endless series of parties and potlucks focused around football.

I've learned there are essentially two obstacles for the female football fan. The first is getting the guys to believe that you do really know what the "Nickel Package" is and how to use it. The second is dressing for the game. With the choices available, one usually ends up either wearing a tent (ahem, jersey), looking like they got attacked by the Powder-Pink Fairy somewhere en route to the sports bar, or dressing in a manner which will negate any and all progress made on obstacle number one.

Retro Sport - Women's San Diego Chargers Tee
Retro Sport Chargers Tee

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This is something of an issue across the board for female fans; NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB or otherwise. It's slowly starting to change though. Teams are now offering jerseys sized for women and you can find fashionable choices for the female fan popping up all over the place. One particularly exciting development is the line "Touch by Alyssa Milano." Currently focused on baseball and the Dodgers in particular (Alyssa's a huge fan), Touch is slowly revolutionizing sports attire for women... and it looks like Alyssa might be branching into other sports! Yay!

New York Giants Women's White/Blue Free Tu Be Tube Top
Giants Tube Top

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So you've worn your women's jersey, a team tee, and a non-team logo bearing but appropriately colored ensemble to your first few weeks of game related engagements. Now what? A few fun finds are pictured here. Click on the pictures to purchase the item pictured or to further explore that store's offerings. Don't miss any Sports Minded columns. Subscribe to Stiletto Jungle and get free updates by e-mail or RSS. Take Stiletto Jungle with you wherever you surf with the Stiletto Jungle Connect Toolbar featuring Google search.


Hannah Foster is the Stiletto Jungle Sports & Fitness Editor. Hannah's current athletic pursuits include snowboarding, motocross, yoga, and avoiding the high school guys in the gym. She's played soccer, volleyball, and football competitively, loves swimming, hates running, and is certain being Captain of a 30 girl cheerleading squad gave her grey hair. Her degree is in biology/genetics.

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