FOUND: Cameron Diaz's Frothy McQ Dress

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Cameron Diaz wearing McQ Alexander McQueen

I've got to give Cameron Diaz credit for going out on a fashion limb with her recent choice to sport a unique McQ by Alexander McQueen dress while out and about (left). I've gone back and forth about this dress since last week when I first saw this picture. My conclusion? I think I love it.

Want to steal Cameron Diaz's fun, fabulous, daring style? She's wearing the McQ Baby Doll Bubble Dress (right). Now, before you start thinking that I've gone completely crazy, stop and take a good long look at this inventive dress.

McQ - Alexander McQueen Baby Doll Bubble Dress
McQ Alexander McQueen Dress

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The color is an oh-so-trendy shade of icy grey. The fabric choice is an amazingly tactile combination of jersey top and woven skirt, both in 100% cotton. The silhouette? Crazy. Snug where it needs to be to show off a woman's curves, but gathered and bubbly in a way that makes it incredibly artistic-- like a Christo installation turned into fashion. If I had an extra $429 hanging around, begging to be spent on something fun and fashionable, this would be my first pick.

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