Girl Talk Reviews: Bosom Buttons Combat Wardrobe Malfunctions

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I'm a sucker for a cute new fashion product. When I saw the Bosom Button on the site of fellow blogette StyleBakery I fell in love. These adorable "buttons," which are really pretty little Swarovski crystals perched on pins, are designed as a fashionable way to keep low cut shirts and gaping button-down blouses from getting out of hand. If I had a bosom that in any way required assistance staying lodged within my shirt I'd snap up a Bosom Button in a hurry.

Bosom Button
Bosom Button

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Sadly, my chest fits just fine in XS tops of all types. But, I still adore the idea behind Bosom Button. Determined to give the Bosom Button a try anyway, at least vicariously, I handed out Bosom Buttons to the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel's resident "va-va-voom" girls to see what they thought about my fashion find.

"How did you know that I was just wrestling with my uber cute silk wrap top this weekend?" asks Pearl, a 29-year-old LA-based music industry maven. "Literally, I was in a struggle to throw a safety pin through the delicate, yet ridiculously thick, silky fabric of my wrap so I could-- ahem-- not look like a hooker at dinner. When your friends come through the door and automatically divert their attention to your chest with a slick addition of 'nice rack,' it's time to button the hell up. This Bosom Button thingy comes at a very perfect time."

Well, I can't say I've ever had that problem Pearl. But, I can sympathize. Kind of. So, what did you think about the Bosom Button? Good? Bad?

"The cons? Well, the backing of mine broke after I touched it. So unfortunately, I wasn't able to really test these buttons out. Also, the one that was sent to me was a pearl. Yes, my name is Pearl. But, are they my style? Um, no. But, I checked their website and the buttons come in all colors, and a really cute rhinestone cut as well. Way better, and more my style. The other issue I had with my button was that when I tried to get it through the super thick silk material I was wrestling again. The actual pin part that goes through the fabric is kind of thick. Not smart for two reasons: we don't want to feel like we are wrestling with our splurge-worthy tops and we don't want big gaping holes left in them either."

Ok, those are some legitimate problems, Pearl. Was it all bad, or were there some redeeming qualities to the Bosom Button?

"Okay, the pros? What a great idea! I know that most girls who aren't as well endowed may look upon the super endowed with envy. And, I'll admit, being considered 'curvy' isn't so bad. But, it really sucks to feel that you have to wear a bag to work to make sure you don't look too slutty. Not fair! Safety pins are so obvious, and REALLY annoying to try to perfectly add to a top. So, yes, a great idea. I also really liked that they offered a good little selection of buttons. You could blend the color of the button into your outfit and no one would really notice that it was there. Love that! Generally, a really cool idea, but may fail a bit in execution. If they can make the adjustments I recommended-- and try to make them a little more touch-resistant-- then I'd totally buy the button at $12 each and recommend them to friends who have a little surplus up top."

Well, I'm sorry you ended up with the pearl, Pearl. Ok, that is kind of funny. Well, you had a clear crystal version Kim. What did you think? Is is really all about what kind of Bosom Button you choose?

"I'm always in the mood to accessorize and, therefore, I loved the Bosom Button," starts Kim, a 23-year-old recent college graduate. "I used it a lot and would definitely recommend to all my friends. Unfortunately, the fourth time I used it I knocked it off really hard and broke the stone. But, overall the Button was sturdy. I don't think it's necessarily worth $12 though-- I think it's worth about half that, especially because I would want to buy different ones that could accessorize my outfits differently.

I thought the Bosom Button was simple, but added a very cute touch to my collared men's shirts, and hid my popped-open, sneak-peak cleavage. The Bosom Button did work as intended and some. I found that it looked adorable hooked through a zipper. I put mine through my hooded dress zipper and it looked so hot! It personalized my dress! It stayed put through a lot of dancing one of the nights and got me a lot of compliments. This is a great alternative to a safety pin because its a piece of bling that goes a long way."

Well, looks like the Bosom Button is a fun alternative to a safety pin and a unique way to accessorize your ensembles. This brand new product may need a little tweaking in future versions, but altogether it seems like they will have a hit on their hands. Click on any photo to link directly to where you can purchase Bosom Buttons online. Don't miss any Girl Talk reviews. Subscribe to Stiletto Jungle and get free updates by e-mail or RSS. Take Stiletto Jungle with you wherever you surf with the Stiletto Jungle Connect Toolbar featuring Google search.

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