FOUND: Beyonce's Kaleidoscope Shift Dress

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

When it comes to party clothes, how do you wear color without letting the color wear you? I suggest taking a page from Beyonce's playbook and opting for a splashy, colorful pattern crafted into a super simple shift dress shape. Miss Beyonce was recently snapped on the press line wearing a dress that perfected balanced bold color with a basic shape, keeping the overall look clean and fresh and not the least bit overdone. And, let's face it, "overdone" is always a possibility when Beyonce is out and about.

Milly Kaleidoscope Print Shift Dress
Milly Kaleidoscope Dress

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Want to steal Beyonce's colorful shift dress style? She's wearing the new Kaleidoscope Shift Dress from of-the-moment label Milly. While Milly has always been a favorite for classy party dresses with modern, girly touches, the label has seen a recent boost thanks to a few well-placed primetime cameos. Nothing like an appearance or two on Gossip Girl to send a label's sales into the stratosphere.

GG sightings aside, Milly is still a label worth a second look. The juxtaposition of bright colors and stand-out prints with simple, classic dress shapes gives Milly a feeling of modern elegance. A Milly dress would be perfect for the holiday party season, particularly for a girl who likes to vibe modern, yet super classy.

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