FOUND: Paris Hilton's New Striped Cardigan

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Paris Hilton shopping for Julep Lounge Kashwere Car Coat

When I think Paris Hilton, I think cocktail dresses and mile high shoes, not comfy cardigans. Maybe Paris's recent attempts to go all "good girl" on us have run over into her wardrobe choices? I won't even take a guess. What I can tell you is that Paris was recently snapped out on a shopping spree choosing a super stylish, but not-so-Paris, chunky cardigan.

Julep Lounge Kashwere Rugby Striped Car Coat
Julep Lounge Kashwere Car Coat

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Want to steal Paris Hilton's shopping conquest for your very own? She picked the new Kashwere Car Coat from Julep Lounge. This cozy cardigan is crafted from oh-so-trendy Kashwere material. Kashwere is known for its super soft, yet 100% machine washable, construction and is also a favorite of Eva Longoria. I'm loving the yummy Pumpkin/Creme striped version that Paris chose, but it is also available in a more sedated Black/Latte version for color conservatives.

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