Girl Talk: Jeans for Every Body

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jeans make the world go 'round. Ok, well, at least they make my world go 'round. I would be a very sad girl without my favorite jeans, but I will fully admit that I have a love-hate relationship with denim. Like most women, finding the perfect pair of jeans is a chore.

I'm tall and slender, but my thighs are a full size bigger than my waist and I have no hips to speak of. Evidently jeans makers don't find this particular silhouette worthy of its own cut. It takes days of effort to find jeans that fit my irregular form. But, when I slip into my newest pair of favorite jeans, it's all worth it.

Citizens of Humanity 'Kelly' Bootcut Stretch Jeans
Citizens of Humanity "Kelly" Jeans

Available at:

Sure that other women must share my love-hate jeans relationship, I called upon the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel to dish their denim woe... and triumph. So ladies, which jeans make your world go 'round?

"Well I don't really have one brand that does it every time," starts Kim, a 23-year-old from La Jolla, California. "My body is very difficult so I usually get stretch jeans in order to better fit my body type. I have skinny legs with a bigger waist, but at the same time I don't have a butt. So, this makes jean shopping difficult. I have never bought multiple jeans from the same brand, so I can not give good advice on what the best jeans are for my body type, except that stretch jeans work! However, my favorite brand of jeans at the moment are A.B.S. jeans. These are light denim and slightly flared at the bottoms. They do not have pockets on the back, which makes my butt look bigger. The jeans only have pockets close to my knees. These jeans fit very tight and are unbelievably flattering. I get compliments from all kinds of people."

"I would have to say that my favorite jeans are Levi's Jeans - boot cut style," says Tina, a 35-year-old San Diego attorney. "I love the way they fit and the feel. They are durable and still flattering. For a girl who needs a little forgiveness in her jeans, Levi is a great brand! I am a full figured girl so finding jeans that fit in all the right places can be a total chore. You get the fit in the hips but not at the waist or you get the thighs to fit but not the hips. Ugh. I have found that the Levi's brand of jeans are just a better fit for my body type. I don't feel stuffed into them, and that makes me feel better and sexier when I wear them to go out. I love the color options as well. How can you go wrong with the creator of jeans!"

Levi's 515 Boot-Cut Stretch Jeans
Levi's 515 Bootcut Jeans

$31.99 (was $34.99-- save 9%!)
Available at:

"I LOVE this particular pair of jeans: Citizens of Humanity Kelly # 001, Stretch Boot Cut," says 29-year-old Po very decisively. "I have never had any other pair that fits my body so well. It sits perfectly on my hips and hugs my behind in such a great way that it makes my rear end just look fantastic-- unlike most other brands that I have tried in the past! I have a relatively small waist, moderate hips-- my boyfriend says I have big hips for such a small girl-- and slender legs, so I definitely need something that fits my hips and legs well, without being loose on the waist. Because of the stretchy nature of the jeans, it stretches perfectly around my behind and along my legs. I don't feel like it is flattening out my behind, which is my biggest fear when jeans-shopping. This pair serves that purpose and actually makes me look curvy, in spite of my slender, petite frame. I wear these jeans as much as possible, and pretty much only not wear them when I feel like wearing skinny jeans, when the weather allows for something short, or when I am going to work. For my body, this is just the most amazing pair of jeans that I have ever found."

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