New & Hot: Chie Mihara "Vespa" Pumps

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chie Mihara Vespa High Heel Pumps
Chie Mihara "Vespa" Pumps

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I am a sucker for interesting shoes. I fall for them every time. It's so bizarre. I'll labor over a classic shoe purchase for weeks, but put a truly interesting shoe in front of me and I fall like a house of cards. Suddenly, I'm whipping out my Visa and tossing all sorts of crazy justifications around in my head.

A perfect example of the type of shoe that reels me in is this brand new "Vespa" Pump from Spanish shoe label Chie Mihara. This stunning shoe is like a little work of art that you just happen to wear. Handmade in Spain, it features bottle green leather topped with cream colored piping and finished with a 3.5" stacked wood heel. As with most handmade shoes, it's the details that make it worth the price, like a delicate leather-lined padded footbed and non-slip rubber grips on the sole. Gorgeous and practical... wait... there go my justifications again. Time to find the Visa.

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