Girl Talk Reviews: Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Billion Dollar Brows
Pencil thin, and then penciled in, brows are so last decade. The thick, lush, youthful brow is all the rage on the runway and in the fashion glossies. But, after years of overplucking, many ladies are left with less than full brows. Is there anything short of a miracle to cure this unfortunate situation?

Perhaps. Billion Dollar Brows, the Beverly Hills brow salon that counts the elite of Hollywood as clients, is taking stab at revamping sad brows with Brow Boost. This nightly treatment is designed to help men and women restore thin, over-plucked eyebrows, in an effort to return to a beautiful natural brow look. But, does it really work? Three Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panelists took the one-month Brow Boost challenge and recently returned with their results.

"I used Brow Boost nightly for the last three weeks, with the exception of two nights, when I just forgot," explains Po, a 28-year-old attorney. "I did, however, apply Brow Boost during the day after the nights I forgot. I saw no improvement in the thickness or fullness of my eyebrows after these three weeks. However, the wetness of Brow Boost did make my eyebrows look darker, which I liked. I will continue to use Brow Boost, as the instructions did say that I should not expect results until at least a month."

Ok, Po, that's fair. Three weeks is not very long when talking about trying to re-grow brows. Let's see what a full four weeks will get you.

Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost
Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost

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"I was pretty stoked to try Brow Boost because I've been trying to grow my eyebrows for a while," says Pearl, a 29-year-old digital diva for Interscope Records. "It's not that they are super thin scary looking slits on my face, but just that I could use a little extra oomph. I used this stuff almost every night. I may have skipped a total of about 3 nights, but otherwise I used Brow Boost every night. I liked the applicator and tube: very simple, portable, and easy to use. Previously, I was trying to dip a kiddie toothbrush in Rogaine and paint my eyebrows every night. This is muuuuch easier.

So, I have used Brow Boost for about a month now. ... And the big question... does it work? Well, I didn't trust my eyes and judgement from 30 days ago. So, I took before and after pictures and compared them. And my answer? Not so much. My philosophy is that if I am adding something to my already too damn lengthy nightly ritual, it better be for a good reason. I saw minimal change in my brows, but not enough to commit to using this product every night. I was disappointed, because I could've sworn my brows were fuller, but I think that was wishful thinking. So I guess the Brow Boost has some decent packaging but I wouldn't use it, pay for it, or recommend it to a friend because it didn't so much boost my brows."

"I'm obsessed with thick eyebrows, similar to beauty icons like Denise Richards. I think it brings out the eyes and decreases the amount of make-up one needs to wear to have that sexy edge," offers Kim, a 23-year-old advertising director. "The Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost was intriguing to me. I wondered, could get my thin eyebrows to ever look bushy?! The result-- great!

I used the Brow Boost almost nightly for 4 weeks. I was shocked to see a major difference. My eyebrows are not the thinnest in the world, but they take forever to grow out if I over pluck, and there are the areas I have that don't seem to grow in. Anyway, my eyebrows look fuller and much more exotic than before I started using Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost. I could see the difference after a few times applying the product. The formula seemed to be working just fine. I have no complaints about how the product smelled, looked, or anything else. I used the product as directed, before bed. It did leave a white residue after it dried, which was quick. I definitely recommend this product to everyone! I think the price is minimal compared to what you are getting. I will continue to use this product regularly as my nighttime ritual."

So, the final outcome of the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk experiment with Brow Boost? First, clearly it takes a minimum of four full weeks, if not more to see results. And, even then, the results may vary from minimal to amazing. Are your brows lackluster at best? Then it may be worth a $20 chance to see if you, like Kim, get brag-worthy results. Want to give it a try? Click on the photo at the top right of this post to link directly to where you can purchase Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost online, or click on the logo at the top left to visit the online home of the Billion Dollar Brows salon. Don't miss any Girl Talk Reviews. Subscribe to Stiletto Jungle and get free updates by e-mail or RSS. Take Stiletto Jungle with you wherever you surf with the Stiletto Jungle Connect Toolbar featuring Google search.

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