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Monday, January 14, 2008

Travel Chic founder Kay Ponicall

According to USA Today, U.S. airlines lost an average of 10,000 bags per day in 2005. That's fabulous. I have flights to both Minneapolis and San Diego this month. Two wonderful chances to become a lost luggage statistic.

As a fan of designer denim and overpriced shoes, I hate the idea of checking luggage. My fear of lost luggage-- and losing all of the clothes packed inside-- has developed in me an amazing ability to efficiently pack carry-on sized luggage for trips up to a full week in length. That saved my for a good long time. Then, the strict limitations on the amount of liquid one can pack in a carry-on kicked in and I was forced into checking my luggage once again. Ugh.

Travel Chic White Quilted Luggage Tag and Reversible White Quilted/Zebra Print Handle Wrap
Travel Chic White Quilted Luggage Set

Available at:

With a stream of nearly identical luggage spinning around the carousel post-flight, it's a crap shoot whether you'll pick up the correct bag on the first try. This has led to the utilization of all sorts of wacky objects as luggage identification. Ribbons, string, stickers, scrunchies, scarves... you name it, people use it. I've got to say, I find it all a little tacky. Useful, but tacky, and hardly fashionista-worthy. When I heard about Travel Chic-- the new, fashionable line of luggage identification accessories-- I fell in love.

Travel Chic offers a huge range of luggage tags, handle wraps, luggage identification sets, and luggage tassels in super fashionable designs. We're talking faux quilted leather that looks oh-so-Chanel, animal prints, faux fur, houndstooth, reversible prints, and more. My favorite of the bunch is the White Quilted Luggage Set (pictured above right), which includes a luggage tag with charm, plus a matching handle wrap that reverses to black and white zebra print, for only $26.99. Adorable. I'm definitely picking up a Travel Chic set before my next trip.

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