Girl Talk Reviews: Billion Dollar Brows Forever Lash

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Billion Dollar Brows Salon

Few cosmetics inspire women like a really good mascara. There's something about long, lush lashes that gets women all worked into a frenzy. That's how I knew that the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk Panel just had to give the new Forever Lash-- from Beverly Hills's own Billion Dollar Brows Salon-- a try. Forever Lash is designed to work with your favorite mascara to keep lashes looking fresh all day long, plus work at night to strengthen and condition your lashes while you sleep. Sounds perfect. But, does it work?

"After three weeks of prescribed usage, with approximately 2 evenings when I forgot to apply it, I can't say that I have observed a dramatic difference," starts Po, a 28-year-old attorney. "I used the product morning and night, under makeup in the morning. I did not see any improvement with my upper lashes, but my lower lashes did seem to be more pronounced-- they seemed longer and more voluminous, which I loved.

The product was also great under mascara. I would put Forever Lash on before the rest of my makeup, and then put mascara on last. Forever Lash seemed to act as a great foundation for the mascara: it had my lashes separated and actually made the mascara look better on me. I will continue to use Forever Lash, because I have faith that the upper lashes might show for length and volume as well, based upon my observation with the lower lashes. If anything, I love how it prepped my lashes for mascara."

Billion Dollar Brows Forever Lash
BDB Forever Lash

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"I really noticed a difference with my Forever Lash," says Jennifer, a 31-year-old Long Beach, California, nurse. "When I received it in the mail, I wasn't quite sure what it was supposed to do but after trying it for the first time there was no doubt. First, after application, I noticed I really didn't need much mascara. In fact, some days I could go without mascara and just wear my Forever Lash. Second, I noticed that after applying Forever Lash, then mascara as normal, I could work a 12 hour graveyard shift without a smudge or flake. I can now get off work and my mascara hasn't run. I even had several nurses ask me if I re-apply throughout the night??!!! I also noticed that I no longer have a need to curl my eyelashes. I have always been gifted with long, thick lashes and feel the need to curl them so they don't rub up against my sunglasses too much. Well, after applying Forever Lash and then my regular mascara, no need.

I also applied at before bed, on my days off, and slept with it on. I didn't notice that they seemed any thicker or longer, but keep in mind they are like that already. I did, however, notice that they seem healthier. I usually get that stray lash falling out here and there. Now, nothing noticeable. This is a product I would pay for and use, and have used daily since. Thank you SJ for the opportunity and a new addition to my regimen."

Well, there you go: two thumbs up for Forever Lash. Both of our panelists noticed that Forever Lash made their mascara look fabulous during the day, plus it created noticeable positive effects when worn overnight. Maybe I should get me some of that Forever Lash! Want some of your own? Click on the photo at the top right of this post to link directly to where you can purchase Billion Dollar Brows Forever Lash online, or click on the BDB logo at the top left of this post to get more information about the Billion Dollar Brows Salon.

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