Girl Talk How-To: Eliminate VPL

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Commandos patches
Commandos Multi-Pack

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Pop quiz: what's the quickest way to ruin a fabulous look? I nominate the dreaded VPL. Yes, visible panty line has sent many a look plummeting head long into disaster-ville. And, just when you think you have VPL conquered, here comes the thong line. You know, that tell-tale ridge that runs from mid-butt to lower hip, letting the world know you are sporting a thong. What's a girl to do?

In an effort to eliminate VPL once and for all, I called upon the intrepid fashionistas of the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel to dish their secrets for banishing visible panty line. So ladies, um, VPL anyone?

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy V-String
Very Sexy V-String

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"Ugh the panty line – it ruins a hot look in a split second," says 23-year-old Jules, a San Diego-based modeling agent. "Every time I see a VPL situation, I am urged to run up to the offender and pass along the word about my latest find. 'Ever heard of going Commando?' I would ask. After trying one sample, my life has been free of those let down stares at the summer's white hotpant gone astray with a nasty thong line. Visit and discover for yourself this fantastic invention! This thin, soft pad sticks to the inside of your pants and you're going commando without all the stigma attached. Now, if only someone could invent something for the tight mini dress that definitely needs a floating Commando to avoid the often blogged about display best put on by Miss Spears herself."

That's creative little invention you've found, Jules. Definitely no VPL worries when you've got Commandos on your side. But, what about the thong route? Are there any thongs out there that actually get the whole job done?

"I like the Very Sexy V-String by Victoria Secret," offers Kim V., a 47-year-old from Orange County, California. "You can adjust the string to your waistline of your pants and you can't see a thing. If wearing a clinging pant that you just can't adjust and do not like the look then no harm in going commando, but pants only!"

Victoria's Secret Body by Victoria Bare Ultimate Hiphugger
Body by Victoria Bare Ultimate

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I agree with you on that one, Kim. There's no need to go flashing your goods by sporting a mini dress sans underthings. Now, I've heard that there are some new materials available that actually manage to make full coverage panties that don't show a thing. Any word?

"I personally fight the dreaded panty line war with Victoria Secret's Body by Victoria," offers 35-year-old Tina, a San Diego attorney. "I love those panties. They are so smooth they stay in place under any material. Now, like most girls there are times when I don't want to take any chance of a VPL, and yes I have gone commando. I have done it in tighter dress pants and skirts. Just depends on the outfit and the destination in that outfit. I think it is a simple way to eliminate any VPL, but you have to be comfortable with yourself to go without all together. I fortunately have not flashed anyone in those moments."

Tina, I had no doubts. Stiletto Jungle girls know better than to pull a Britney. Well, it looks like we've found three new ways to combat VPL: from innovations that let you go commando with ease, to full-coverage panties made from seamless material. Now, go forth and spread the word: there's no excuse for VPL!

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