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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

One of my favorite parts about covering the shopping scene is giving a little publicity to some of the truly standout new designers. Now, I have to admit, we don't cover indie designers often. There's a reason for that: I have no interest in indulging mediocre talent. But, I can be persuaded to give a newbie a chance. That's exactly what happened with Elizabeth Anderson, a new jewelry designer.

Elizabeth contacted me and asked if we would be interested in reviewing her jewelry. I wasn't so sure. Jewelry design is easy to do, but hard to do well. But, Elizabeth sounded confident. Like if we just took a chance, she'd knock our socks off. Elizabeth Anderson's designs aren't your ordinary baubles. Each semi-precious stone is picked not just for it's aesthetic properties, but also for the traditional healing properties associated with the stone. Curious about how old school healing stones and modern fashion would play together, I turned three real world fashionistas from the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk Panel loose with Elizabeth Anderson jewelry. The results? Well, see for yourself.

Elizabeth Anderson Turquoise and Coral Heart Necklace
Turquoise & Coral Set

Available at:

"Elizabeth Anderson's designs are fabulous! She is such an amazing designer!" raves 24-year-old Kim M. "I loved my Turquoise and Coral necklace and earrings. Upon receipt, I was impressed by the weight and size of the stones. The pieces are very sturdy and beautifully strung together. But, my favorite part of the necklace is the clasp. You know it's a wonderfully thought out design when the clasp makes a statement! The clasp is an intricate flower design. Her stones are well picked out and are all consistent with one another. This was well coordinated piece. Anderson definitely created a nice, balanced necklace. Especially with the huge center stone-- which was a big coral heart.

Although the necklace looked good on me, I would have preferred it a little shorter in length. I also didn't like the necklace with the earrings because I thought it would have had a more dramatic affect if the earrings were slightly bigger. But overall, I think anyone would agree that this set is 100% worth the $50 retail price. It was heavy and sturdy, and I am definitely keeping her in mind when my next girlfriend's birthday comes around."

Elizabeth Anderson Kyanite Pearl and Silver Protection Necklace
Kyanite Pearl Silver Set

Available at:

"I was so impressed with the necklace and earrings," says Tina, a 35-year-old San Diego attorney. "The little bit about their natural abilities-- for example the Kyanite it to ward off negativity-- I thought that was great. It made me feel more positive when I put the necklace and earrings on. I like the all silver look. The jewelry looked really well made and like it was of good quality. I wore the necklace and earrings to work and received several compliments on the color and the design. I liked it a lot. I would consider other pieces from Elizabeth Anderson. The only part that I didn't really like was the necklace clasp, it didn't seem to fit with the rest of the necklace. It looked out of place. Maybe that was just me. Since you cant see it under my hair I didn't think about it twice."

Rhyolite Mixed Stones Necklace with Earrings
Rhyolite Mixed Stones Set

Available at:

"My first reaction to the jewelry set was simple delight-- the variety and combination of different colors and cuts of the stones were very aesthetically appealing and very well-chosen" starts 29-year-old Po, a Modesto, California, attorney. "I liked how each stone coordinated with the other stones but still appeared to hold its own uniqueness. The creation of this particular necklace appears to have been very much thought out by the designer, which enhances its value in my eyes as it feels very personalized. No one will have any exact copy of this necklace.

When I first put on the necklace, I noticed that the clasp is a gorgeous design of an 'S'-like shape and a horseshoe style. I was a little confused by how to take it apart and then put it on, but once I figured it out, I was very impressed by the originality and ornate design. The combination of gold with the rhyolite mixed stones was also a very flattering combo. I must say, though, I was very confused by the gold ring on the necklace. I thought perhaps it meant something symbolic, which is good, but my desire to have a symmetrical necklace would prefer it without the ring. The necklace looks great on me, if I do say so myself! It looks like it would go with pretty much any summer outfit, or spice up any simple black dress. I could see myself wearing this with a plain black dress already!

I liked the earrings, but I don't think they went very well with the necklace. The earrings together looked great, but seemed to only match two of the smaller stones in the necklace set. I think it might have been better to have the earrings be a more stand-out color, or a more neutral color in the necklace set. Also, the metal attachment of the earring was silver, unlike the metal connectors of the necklace. I found that to be a little mismatched and distracting to wear. Also, in contrast to the gorgeous clasp of the necklace, the silver in the earrings made the set look less valuable.

As to the meaning behind the stones, I like that very much. I am very inspired to buy these necklaces as gifts for other people because of the meaning behind the stones, especially those needing 'strength for making decisions during a time of transition and chance.' It seems like we always are going through changes, so to have this necklace to wear on those particular days when we need that extra boost of symbolic confidence would just be great.

Would I pay $ 50 for this set? Only if the earrings were modified, and only if the meaning behind the set were included in it, since it would also make for a great gift! The designer has a great idea with this custom-style, specially picked out stones. I would definitely refer this to friends, and would definitely add this to my jewelry collection. Overall the jewelry was great!"

Looks like Elizabeth Anderson has a hit on her hands. Want to snag an Elizabeth Anderson original now, before she's too hot to find? Her designs are currently exclusively available at her online gift boutique, Gift Idea Help. Also, Elizabeth has graciously extended a Coupon Code to Stiletto Jungle readers that will score you 5% off her stunning designs.

Click on any photo to link directly to where you can purchase that necklace and earring set, as reviewed by the Stiletto Jungle Girl Talk panel, online, or visit the entire selection of original jewelry designs available from Elizabeth Anderson. Make your selections, then copy-paste the Coupon Code below to receive 5% off your order.

5% Off Elizabeth Anderson Jewelry

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