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Monday, April 28, 2008

aerie roller derby shortie
Aerie Roller Derby Short

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The term “lingerie” tends to conjure up images of frilly unmentionables, but there is a new trend emerging in the undergarment aisle and it has little to do with satin and lace. The hottest new look in lingerie is all about reliving our college days—or at least that idealized image of the college life we wish we had.

Lingerie lines like Pink by Victoria’s Secret and Aerie by American Eagle specialize in comfy cotton loungewear and undergarments emblazoned with faux university logos, made up sorority letters, and sticky sweet mascots of all varieties. These new “collegiate lingerie” lines are filled with pieces that somehow vibe both moderately modest and completely tarty at the same time. Staples include boyshorts, skimpy boxers, bare tanks, and sweatpants with a range of logos stamped across the rear view. Part borrowed from the boy toy and part standard-issue sorority pillow fight wear, these lines aim to depict a made-for-Hollywood college life that is far from my own university experience.

Victoria's Secret Pink Cotton hipster
Pink Cotton Hipster

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Now, before you go thinking that I’m here to bash collegiate lingerie, I’ll admit that I’ve totally fallen for this new trend. While the promise of an idealized college existence may be the selling point for the hordes of teens who are snapping up the hottest new offerings from Pink and Aerie, it’s the often unmentioned aspects of these new lines that have me besotted.

First, these all-cotton lingerie lines are crazy comfortable. Gone are itchy laces, less-than-breathable poly-satin blends, and revealing cuts that ride up into places that clothing just shouldn’t go. These new lingerie lines wear like most comfortable granny panties and oversized tees you own, but without sacrificing an ounce of femininity or sex appeal.

As if that wasn’t enough, collegiate lingerie is downright adorable, but just shy of being too girly to wear with a straight face. This past week I got a chance to preview the upcoming season of Aerie lingerie and there isn’t a thing in the line I wouldn’t wear. From sailor stripes to apple prints, tissue weight tanks to cozy sweats, boxers to bras, the line was just plain wearable. Comfortable, yet cute. Sexy, but without trying too hard. It’s easy to see why the collegiate lingerie trend keeps on growing. Check out a few of our favorite collegiate lingerie lines:

* Pink by Victoria’s Secret
* Aerie by American Eagle
* Jenni

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