FOUND: Lydia Hearst's Gossip Girl Handbag

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I know happy couples make for boring television, but couldn't we have had more than 10 minutes of delicious Blair and Chuck Gossip Girl coupledom before dropping Amelia on the scene? Interior decorator Amelia, played by real life heiress/ model/ socialite Lydia Hearst, has already turned Chuck's head, resulting in our girl B heading off to Tuscany with a hunky stranger. Argh. So frustrating.

At least the costumers had the good sense to make sure that Lydia-as-Amelia doesn't dress nearly as fabulously as Blair. It makes it so much easier to hate her. With the exception of her stylishly roomy tote, Amelia's look is rather blah by Gossip Girl standards. But that tote...

Foley + Corinna Handbags Jet Setter Jr Tote
Foley+Corinna Jet Setter Jr. Tote

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Want to steal Lydia Hearst as Amelia's Gossip Girl style? She's carrying the Jet Setter Junior Tote by Foley + Corinna. I've seen this tote in person and it's just as chic and stylish in real life as it is on Lydia's arm in this still from the Gossip Girl season finale.

This super roomy tote bag is perfect for carrying to and from the office. At 15" long and 5" deep, it's big enough to carry your files, notepads, and office-on-the-go necessities, plus your wallet, keys, and other goodies. It comes in a wide range of neutral colors, including Sandstone (shown here), Black, River Stone, Maple, and Lichen-- a stunning mossy green-- which is great for ensuring that you will be able to pair your color choice with a large portion of your wardrobe. Plus, the easy access front zip pocket is ideal for stashing your morning commute necessities, like your Starbuck's cash and office access card. It's like it was made for stylish working girls. Love it.

Click on the photo at right to link directly to where you can purchase the Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr. Tote, as seen on Lydia Hearst as Amelia on Gossip Girl, online.