FOUND: Blake Lively's Gossip Girl Backless Dress

Monday, September 01, 2008

In anticipation of the upcoming Gossip Girl season premiere, I've been indulging in a Gossip Girl marathon courtesy of my recently acquired Gossip Girl season one DVD. It's been fabulous. A weekend full of gorgeous clothes and snappy sub-plots. As an added bonus, now that I'm viewing some episodes for the third or fourth time, I'm picking up on many more fashion finds.

One of my favorite episodes fashion-wise has always been episode 4 - Bad News Blair. This is the episode where Blair almost becomes the new face of her mom's eponymous fashion label, Eleanor Waldorf. As avid Gossip Girl followers know, the fictional label Eleanor Waldorf is actually the real life label Lorick by Abigail Lorick. So, all of those gorgeous clothes from the racks at the Eleanor Waldorf fashion shoot exist in real life. At the time Bad News Blair first aired, finding Lorick for sale online was all but impossible. But, now that Lorick is picking up steam, you can find Lorick fashions in a number of online boutiques.

Lorick Barlass Dress in Ruby Orange
Lorick Barlass Dress

$237.00 (was $473-- save 50%!)
Available at:

My favorite Eleanor Waldorf creation from episode 4 is the juicy orange backless dress that Blake Lively as Serena wears when she and Blair stage their own personal fashion shoot just before the closing credits. Want to steal Blake Lively as Serena's Gossip Girl clothing style for yourself? She's wearing the Lorick Barlass Dress. This gorgeous dress features a backless cut and waist-defining belt. A find from the previous season of Lorick, this chic dress can now be found on sale-- marked down to half price! It's sure to sell out fast at this price.

Click on the photo at right to link directly to where you can purchase the Lorick Barlass Dress, as seen on Blake Lively as Serena on Gossip Girl, online and on sale.