Girl Talk: Gum as Accessory?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Orbit Sugarfree Gum Mint Mojito
Orbit Mint Mojito

$26.95 (24-pack)
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As you can imagine, we often hear from different companies that are trying to reach out to fabulous fashionistas. Most of the time we hear from companies that deal in various types of fashion or beauty items. Nothing too revolutionary. But recently I heard from a very unlikely partner in fashion.

The Wrigley company had something interesting for us to consider: sometimes what we carry in our handbag says as much about our style as what handbag we carry. Makes sense, right? We automatically think differently about the woman toting Chap Stick than the woman carrying Nars gloss. The lady with the vintage pill box gives off a different vibe than the girl who has a full-sized bottle of Advil hanging out in her purse. If we judge women by what gloss brand or pill container she carries, what does her choice of breath freshener say? Imagine the woman who carries Juicy Fruit gum, versus Tic Tacs, versus the trendiest new designer mint. Can chewing gum really be a fashion accessory?

I had to test this theory for myself. I loaded up three super chic Stiletto Jungle ladies with the hottest new flavors of uber-trendy Orbit gum and asked them to spend a week treating their new chewing gum varieties as fashion accessories. The results?

"I found this trial fun and did share with friends and family. Orbit Sangria Frescia, Maui Melon Mint and Raspberry Mint are definitely fun summer flavors and fit into the casual weekend kicking back in shorts or jeans, or feeling sassy. I would purchase these flavors. Bubblemint was just ok for me. The bubblegum and mint combination didn't work for me; I wouldn't purchase this flavor again. Now, Cinnamint a must have! It's great for after morning coffee and after the lunch hour, heading back to the office with a clean tasting feeling-- a definite purchase for me. I love the colorful packaging, which attracts the eye for purchase and one of my favorite things about the packaging is that you can close the gum and it prevents the pieces from falling into your purse."
-- Kim V., Loan Servicing Manager

Orbit Cinnamint Sugarfree Gum
Orbit Cinnamint

$22.95 (24-pack)
Available at:

"I tried three different flavors of gum by Orbit: Fabulous Fruitini, Maui Melon Mint and Cinnamint. I liked all of them, but my favorite was the Cinnamint. It was bold and spicy and really fit my personality and fashion style. I usually chewed it when going out in a cocktail dress and some stilettos. The cinnamon made me feel uplifting, and sexy, and I reflected that in my wardrobe when taking this pack out and about.

The Maui Melon Mint Was wonderful. It made me want to constantly exhale, sort-of-like a cough drop, minus the gross cough drop flavor. It made me feel refreshed when chewing. I love the twist of mint with the melon, it was definitely an enjoyable and yummy flavor. I correlated this particular flavor with my more relaxed beach-y attire. Wearing my maxi dresses with flip-flops and some large chandelier earrings. This gum put me at ease. I found myself taking this gum to more afternoon occasions and all my friends who had a piece loved it!

Fabulous Fruitini was my least favorite. It was still tasteful, but the flavor wore off quickly. Or maybe it was because it was really sweet at first and then the flavor sort of faded away. The fact that it was too sweet for me was also a turn off. I didn't take this gum out because I didn't find it to fit my personal style, or taste-buds.

Overall, I love the Orbit gum packaging, it's fun and energetic. The packaging carries some sass, making it want me to incorporate Orbit gum into my wardrobe and look. Each of them set me into a different mind-set."
-- Kim M., Sales

"Ok, so I love the different Orbit gum flavors. My new favorites are Mint Mojito and Sangria Fresca! They are awesome. I pull them out and offer them around to everyone close by... the responses have been interesting. The first reaction is one of skepticism and disbelief that the gum will taste like the name implies and that it would in fact be good. The responses were great... the shock that Sangria Fresca really tastes like Sangria and Mint Mojito is like an afternoon cocktail... which is perfect during a stressful day. I tended to carry them to lunch with me... and coordinated them with my outfits. The Mint Mojito went with me when I was in black and white and the Sangria Fresca was on a day when I was in brown. The gum is good and the new flavors are a great way to start up a conversation with a cute stranger!"
-- Tina, Attorney

So, it looks like maybe those Wrigley people were onto something. Perhaps fresh breath and fashion can go hand in hand.