New & Hot: William Rast Natural Leather Belt

Friday, September 05, 2008

William Rast Natural Leather Belt
William Rast Natural Belt

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So, I was browsing the new arrivals section at Nordstrom, not looking for anything in particular, when bam! I ran smack into this freakishly amazing belt. Isn't it fabulous?

First, the rugged, oversized style of the brand new Natural Leather Belt from Justin Timberlake's William Rast label is perfectly in line with the huge fall trend of statement-making accessories. This is definitely one of those accessories that will turn heads immediately upon entering a room.

This hot belt also represents a stylish and easy way to transition last season's floaty silhouettes into fall's more structured, waist-conscious shape. Simply strap this waist-whittling belt on over your billowing dresses cocoon-like jackets to achieve an instant hourglass shape.

Finally, the way this super wide belt inches up the rib cage to just under the breasts creates a corset effect that will-- ahem-- push the girls right into place, front and center. There's a reason why all the ladies in those lush period-piece movies pull off that heaving chest moment so effortlessly. It's all about the corset. This chic belt takes the corseted look out of the bedroom and transitions it into an accessory that can be worn in the light of day without the slightest chance of looking tarty. Now that's hot.

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